Cheyanne Jessie - Florida

Cheyanne Jessie, 25 of Polk County, Florida called the police last Saturday morning to report her father 50-year-old Mark Weekly and her daughter 6-year-old Meredith Jessie missing. The first thing police noticed upon arrival was the undeniable scent of rotting flesh. Cheyanne told them there was a dead racoon under the house but police were not deterred. They continued to question her and repeatedly found odd discrepancies in her story. Eventually, her father and daughter were found in a shed on the property about 200 feet from the house.

According to police reports, Cheyanne had a new man in her life. Sometime in the days previous to her apprehension, a text message was sent to the man from her fathers phone saying he was terminally ill and wanted only to spend his last year with his granddaughter and gave the man permission to use the house with Cheyanne. But from what investigators have figured out so far, her father and daughter were already dead when that text was sent. Police have determined that Cheyanne stabbed and shot them both weeks before calling the police and left the bodies in the house until the smell became unbearable.  

Cheyanne's family say they believe she had planned this for some time, covering some of the furniture in plastic and always having an excuse to where the two were and when she planned to report them missing. Mark and Jessie's bodies were found in the shed crammed into plastic bags. They also found furniture and rugs splattered with blood inside the house. Sunday, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd held a press conference where he was visibly shaken. 

 "Nothing's more horrific than the murder of a child, except when it’s done by a parent. This is the face and this is the eyes of a cold-blooded murderer," said Judd. "She not only murdered them, but left them in the residence for many days until it became painfully evident she had to move them." 
 Cheyanne is claiming self-defense. She says her father tried to kill her and she won the knife from him in a fight. While stabbing her father in self-defense she accidentally stabbed her daughter.

This sounds a bit like Susan Smith, doesn't it? She isnt the first woman to kill her kids for a man, however. Susan Eubanks in California is another, although her motive was anger at their father. Patricia Blackmon, Caro Soccoro, and Kenisha Berry also killed their children. The most similar case of all may be Robin Lee rowe, who also killed her husband along with her children.

Cheyanne was denied bond. She is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of tampering with evidence. She made her first court appearance yesterday.

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