Connor MacCalister - Maine

This story has a bit of a twist to it. No doubt it will find its way to the ID channel twisted up even more. Connor MacCalister, 31, was bitter, mad at the world and wanted someone to pay for it, anyone at all. She followed 59 year old Wendy Boudreau from the parking lot of the Shaw's supermarket in Saco into the ice cream aisle where she slit her throat from behind. Her plan was to kill as many random people as she could that day and she was targeting smaller elderly women.

A employee at the store who was in the bakery department heard the screams and ran out to see MacCalister standing over Boudreau. When asked why she did it she told the employee "she looked at me funny" and another witness, "Im off my meds. I didnt mean too."

Conner lived in a nearby apartment for people with disabilities where her neighbors thought she was quiet and friendly despite her unusual appearance of a shaved head and constant army fatigues and combat boots. Her last Facebook post said Goodbye in German. She was raised in foster care and last in trouble for criminal mischief in 2011.

While her Facebook says she is interested in men, it took some deciphering to figure out this bald aggressor was female. Her attire and mannerisms portrayed her as a man. It was only when her brother came forward to explain she is transitioning to male that things began to make sense. She is scheduled to make a court appearance soon.

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