Darla Renee Jackson - California

Road rage got the best of Darla Renee Jackson in Chula Vista, California in May of 2015 when she killed a motorcyclist on the road next to her. Witnesses say she rammed the back of 39-year-old Navy chief petty officer Zach Buob's motorcycle and then pushed him from behind some 300 feet with her Nissan on State Route 54 and then ran him over when he fell off.

The incident apparently started early on the road when the two began a dispute and Jackson first rammed the motorcyclist getting onto the freeway.

He died on the scene.

She has been charged with first degree murder. She has no criminal history but does have a history of driving issues. She was once prohibited a licence for two years for lack of knowledge and skill. She also tried to run down an ex-boyfriend with her car. Two ex-boyfriends have charged her with stalking and one with breaking into his home. Random acquaintances accuse her of threatening behavior, saying she terrorized the neighborhood.

Jackson's mother has another story. She claims Buob was squeezing between two rows of traffic and kicked Jackson's car. She was following close behind him to get his tag information when she hit and accidentally ran over him.

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  1. Yeah, and "accidently" floored it for 300 feet more with him under the front bumper? Riggght....


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