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Erica Yvonne Sheppard - Texas

Erica's case is tricky. Not in the sense of what she did and where she is but in how long she has to stay. Erica was involved in a hideous, horrible crime and she confessed her part in it. In the late 90's she and a male accomplice witnessed a woman, Marilyn Meagher, carrying armloads of clothing from her car to her apartment. Deciding they would rob her and take her car, the couple accosted Ms. Meagher in her appartment.

Marilyn Meagher had her throat slashed several times, she was beaten and eventually a plastic bag was placed around her head and she was left to suffocate. The deadly couple abandoned the car in a nearby town but were caught shortly later.Erica received the death penalty and remains there today. This is where I have a problem.

Erica was 19 years old when she committed her crimes. She was with a domineering man and this case happens in a thousand different ways a thousand times a day. The most famous may be the story of the porn star John Holmes and the young girl he fell in love with. Dawn Schiller lived a devastating life as the girlfriend of the world's most known porn star at only 15 years old. She calls girls like herself and Erica- Throw Away Girls, because if they had the support they needed they wouldn't be in the situations they were.

Erica grew tired of life on death row and asked to be executed. The reverend Jesse Jackson went to visit her and convinced her that her life was precious and to carry on the fight. Since then she has went on to fight against bad prison conditions and inhumane treatment of women prisoners.
Shes volunteered for many programs and improved her education. In short, she has used her years in prison wisely.

How long does a 19 year old girl have to pay for a crime she did not commit single handedly but with an influential violent male? More violent criminals have been paroled in shorter times while Erica wastes the education and advancements shes worked toward year after year.
Looking at this from a fiscal point of view, wouldn't it be smarter to let her parole and work in the public domain, contributing to society?


  1. She may not have committed the crime, but if the transcripts are accurate (and who the hell knows these days), she assisted in tackling the victim as well as obtaining the murder weapon for her codefendant. I'd say there is a certain level of culpability. I am not sure how the death penalty landed on the table (but then again, this is Texas) because it does appeared she cooperated with the investigation, and if that was the case, she should have at least got life.

    Under Texas law, several questions have to be asked in order for it to stick (the death penalty). The one that throws me off is "Is there a probability that the defendant would commit future acts of violence that would pose a continuing threat to society?"

    The term future acts of violence is ambiguous and I would say if released, she most likely would not pose a threat unless the company she kept was bad.

    In the trial, 11 witnesses were called by the prosecution and one stated he saw Sheppard and Dickerson try to rob another woman in the complex the day before. Really? If there's validity to this, it's perfectly ok to watch a potential crime and not report it?

    Just another classic case of good ol' boy justice where its more about retribution than holding individuals accountable. Do I feel that she needs to be held accountable. Absolutely. She played an active role in the commission of this crime. A crime that would not have happened, had she not been present. Do I feel the consequences fit the crime. Absolutely not. But that's Texas law and sadly, if she had a higher status in the food chain of "caste systems" she probably would not be sitting on DR.

    1. il faut libérer Erica Sheppard elle a payée largement pour son role dans ce crime
      Faire en sorte qu'elle puisse faire quelque chose du restant de sa vie

  2. Sorry, but no. I have read her blog. Not once does she take responsibility for her actions or apologize to Mrs. Meagher's family. All she did was whine about how she doesn't get TV. She doesn't appear remorseful at all; on the contrary, she seems arrogant and entitled. I personally think the appeal suspension was a calculated move on her part. And this article is a tad misleading. She and Mr. Dickerson were not a couple. He was gay and said to be the lover of Erica's brother, Jonathan. He has since died of AIDS while awaiting his own execution. Should she be executed? No, especially since it's been so long after the fact that it really defeats the purpose. But as far as just setting her free? Not until she shows genuine remorse and takes responsibility. Several witnesses said she 'seemed to regard her trial as a form of entertainment.' From what I can gather, she manipulates people emotionally and plays the victim. Parole has to be earned by proving you can be a law-abiding citizen, not by taking classes; anyone can do that. And PS I don't think her race had anything to do with her death sentence, regardless of attempts to play the race card. Her codefendant was white and got the exact same penalty. Plus, there are an approximately equal number of white women on Texas death row.

    1. There are only two black women on Texas death row.There are three white and one hispanic.


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