Michelle Byrom is Free from Mississippi Death Row

Kelly Banaski and Michelle Byrom
I sat down with Michelle Byrom to enjoy a lovely lunch at Five Senses restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tn. My assistant, Michelle Daniels, and I were so excited to be her first real friends on the outside. We spent three hours learning of the hell she went through and the plans she is making for the future.

Michelle was accused of the murder of her husband Edward Byrom Sr. If you watch the ID Channel, you've no doubt heard all the sordid details of the the well-to-do couple in their huge home in Mississippi. The one that held a secret sex/bondage room where he subjected her to untold indecencies. Sadly, most of the ID channels take on Michelle's case is untrue.
Michelle Daniels, Michelle Byrom and Kelly Banaski

While edward Sr. was abusive and doled out beatings by the handful, there was no sex room. Just a cache of X-rated films he taped himself from other films. According to Michelle, she didn't mind. It kept him busy and away from her and her son Ed jr. The home wasn't a majestic mansion but just a small one story in an average part of town.

Report after report has stated that Michelle had Munchausen Syndrome and ate rat poison to have a reason to go to the hospital and escape his beatings. Michelle's tale is a bit different. According to her, an exterminator came to set out poison. He admired Ed Sr.'s musical equipment, so Michelle invited him back when Ed got home from work so the pair could meet and play music together. However, when he came home and realized the exterminator was a new guy, he lost it. Shoving a bar of rat poison into her mouth over and over forcing her to chew and chase it with 151 Vodka.

The abuse went on for years, many times Michelle taking beatings to save her son. When Michelle was diagnosed with Pneumonia and placed in the hospital her son decided to kill his father. He sat in wait with a gun but could not do it. Thats when his friend Joey Gillis showed up. He knew of the constant abuse and took it upon his own hands to kill Ed.

Michelle, Ed Jr and Joey were all arrested. Michelle was accused of masterminding the entire execution. The problem is that Ed Jr. confessed to the entire ordeal. Her jury was never allowed to hear that confession. Joey and Ed Jr. were released in several years while Michelle stayed on death row for 14 years.

Mississippi Supreme Court Judge Oliver Diaz went on record describing the horrendously unfair conditions of Michelle Byroms trial. Every appellate judge that looked at it spotted error after error. Yet Michelle wasted years of her life on death row.

Its this very situation that serves as proof that the death penalty is not a valid punishment.


  1. Michelle is a wonderful woman who is a ray of sunshine for all those she meets.

  2. I have watched her story on television and I was so saddened to hear about her passing. She seemed like a really sweet woman who had been through so much pain. I'm so glad she's out of pain now. Rest easy Michelle.

    1. Thats very sweet. She had a rough life, thats for sure.

  3. Yes indeed, Rest in Peace Michelle. This earth life is sometimes long and painful for some of us, but the life you now have with Jesus is pain free and everlasting. You so deserve that Michelle. You were loved on earth and in Heaven.


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