Desiray Strickland - Florida

Desiray Strickland will most certainly get the death penalty. Unless by some grace of God, her age saves her. She and three male friends hacked a classmate to death at the Homestead Jobs Corps center in Homestead, Florida. A fifth suspect is said to be arrested soon.

In June of 2015 the teen terrors lured young Jose Amaya Guardado into the woods where they mortally wounded him by repeated whacks, slices and stabs with a machete. He was then forced into a shallow grave, still breathing, and buried alive. 

Prosecutors plan to ask the judge next week to indict Desoray and her co-murderers, 18-year-old Jonathan Lucas, 19-year-old Christian Colon and 20-year-old Kaheem Arbelo on charges of first degree murder along with a whole slew of dismemberment and kidnapping type charges. 

So far, investigators think it all stemmed from a debt the victim owed Kaheem Arbelo, the alleged ringleader. The group has been identified as campus bullies at the state funded academy. Desiray and Kaheem Arbelo were a couple. 

When Jose didn't own up to his debt the group decided to kill him and plotted for two weeks. They dug a grave and came up with their plan. At one point, according to one of the suspects, Desiray walks off to pee. When she came back and realized she'd missed some of the carnage she complained. Desiray and Kaheem stayed behind in the woods after the killing to have sex. They have entered not guilty pleas. 

Jose's body was found three days later by his own brother, as his family desperately searched for their missing loved one.

I cant really think about this case without thinking of Christa Pike, here in my home state of Tennessee. She and a group also killed a girl in Job Corp, luring her into the woods.


  1. Don't remember Christa pike. Will have to look her up.

  2. These kids need more love and attention and less iphones and youtubes.


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