Jodi Arias Answers Readers Questions

*Jodi always draws the crazies out. I have disabled comments because the ugly people have started with vulgar comments. Before you read on please realize that I had no control over what she said or which questions she answered and her lawyer will not allow her to comment on the case. Jodi is serving LWOP.   

Jodi Arias heard of my inmate liaison services and contacted me earlier this year. Graciously, she explained she wanted nothing from me. She has many supporters but appreciates what I do for life and death inmates. She offered to help me in any way she could and I found that very inspiring. She is in the worst shape of her life. Innocent or guilty, she is in a world of shit and she's offering to help me and other inmates.

When I wrote about her earlier this year odd balls came out of the woodwork accusing me of all types of shit, assuming I'm a supporter of her crime. Insulting me and the blog and cyber stalking me all over Facebook and Twitter. I'm a sicko because I support prison reform, I'm a sociopath because I communicate with murderers, I'm just a big ol' bitch..... you get the picture.

The funny part is that when she wrote the first time she warned me about using her name in any form on the blog. She said her online haters are the most foul, supposedly because they are cowards who enjoy the anonymity of the Internet and take advantage of saying things without having to look someone in the eye and have others witness their behavior. So we had a good long laugh when I talked to her later about the haters. When I say "haters" I am talking about the people who put sexual and vulgar comments, threaten me because of my personal beliefs and advocate violence. It is possible to discuss these cases without acting like complete assholes.

When I told readers she was willing to answer questions I had literally hundreds of responses but many were illiterate jumbles of words that seemed to be anti-Jodi but it was hard to tell. SO I chose a few I thought we'd get answers to. A lot of people accused me of lying, saying prisons don't allow people to do that. I had to laugh at those. Google is your friend, folks.

So, all that being said, I sent her some of the coherent questions and here are her answers:

  • Matthew asks:

Hi Jodi, Just wondering how you keep such a positive attitude. You're awesome like that. You have many people thinking of you. Wishing you the best.

My attitude is not always positive. In fact, after developing PTSD, I experienced increased anger and irritability. Often, my positive exterior was a mask for pain, stress, shame and depression I felt. I think the biggest misconception among those who support me is that I am [insert favorite adjective]. Haters call me "evil" and supporter "angel". I am neither. I dont consider myself a sweet person (anymore) but I do try to be kind. I routinely fail and still catch myself being negative and cynical. I am human.

  • Alisa asks:

Your skin always looks flawless. What kind of foundation do you use? Do you have a go-to brand or some secret skin care secret you could share?

I don't presently wear foundation but I used to wear L'Oreal's Infallible... something. Its been so long. I don't remember the name. My skin is FAR from flawless. Many of the pictures you see from before my arrest are photo-shopped. As for skincare, I just follow the wisdom I've always read: drink water, sleep well, use sunscreen. I'm sure a good diet helps too. I don't wear makeup right now, but I also once read that no matter how tired you are don't fall asleep with makeup on.ik 

  • Patrick asks:
Do you get a lot of mail? Do people write you hate mail or is it all supportive? Do you answer all your mail?

Yes! I receive a ton of mail. Its almost always supportive. I rarely receive hate mail. I think haters must know it only flatters me. I try to answer as much as I can but I can never seem to get to it all.

Ririos asks:

IMO a fellow supporter has been changing the meaning of some of your testimony. I wanted to ask you directly for clarification. On this guys many websites and forums he claims you purchased a 4th gas can. He believed you returned the 3rd and bought a 4th. Can you clarify?

Also, how does it feel when supports feel they can interpret and know your actions and motives better than you do? I'm trying to be respectful and ask you directly and I wish more bloggers and supporters would go that extra mile too.

There are a lot of conspiracy theorists, Ill say that. I cannot comment on the facts of the case. I can only reiterate that I testified truthfully to the best of my memory.

I'm not online so the haters and different opinions have little to no effect on me at all.  I disagree with the analogy that its like an abuser controlling the abused. That feels way worse than people dissecting and interpreting my testimony.


  1. The "your skin in so flawless, what makeup do you use" question blew away sort of chance this opportunity could of been one where it actually asked Jodi Arias some hard hitting questions.

    Jodi, as per usual Jodi, revels in her usage of the words "haters".
    You mean people who don't like it when someone commits murder?
    Does anyone remember she cut her victims throat so deep in knicked his spinal chord?
    How can anyone write anything in a sympathetic towards someone who can do that?

    Jodi always purposely adds her learned words from "I was abused" schooling og LaViolette.
    She throws out those words in case someone thinks, "wow, she must be a victim. She knows all the words they use!"

    Jodi says she's not online. Well, it's been proven time and time again from her few supporters in JAII that they sent her screenshots of online comments in the mail.

    I sat in that courtoom (5C) and watched the original and the retrial.
    Jodi acted like she was on a school trip.
    Bouncing into the courtroom as if she was looking forward to the school day. Passing notes to MLDR whenever Judge Stephens wasn't looking.
    Luckily, a few of the jurors saw it.
    She regularly rolled her eyes, and showed complete disdain for the court.

    She is not some poor abused woman.
    What abused woman drives over 1,000 miles to visit their abuser by the way?

    Jodi Ann Arias is a master manipulator of the worst kind. She's a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    Just because she is female and in prison doesn't mean she deserves any sort of sympathy.
    She viciously slaughtered a person she claimed she loved and wanted to marry.
    The fact that a human being can show love and support for a MURDERER, who by the way they have never MET, shows exactly where these people are lacking.

    1. Thanks very much for reading the blog and commenting. My personal belief is that prisoners must be treated as humans, because they are. Prison reform is actually for those of us who are free. If we can help change people that live in there forever, they can have a positive influence on the ones who will come out and rejoin us.

  2. If you watched the trial, therefore, you know Jodi lied practically whenever she opened her mouth. So what is the point of asking her questions when it is most probable her answers will be more lies?

  3. This blog somehow came up on my facebook. I'm aware of the Arias supporters and assume the questions were from them. Those of us who think she is evil don't really need to ask her questions. IMO, if her mouth or hand is moving, it's a lie.

  4. You had a good long laugh with a convicted first degree murderer? How odd.

  5. I have 2 questions for Jodi.
    1) From what I've read and interviews I've watched, it's absolutely critical for isolated inmates to create a follow a strict routine to cope with their isolation. I'm curious; has Jodi set up such a routine? If so, could she tell us about it. I hope this isn't too intrusive of a question.

    2) Respectfully, is there anything about your behavior/demeanor towards Juan Martinez during testimony that you would change if you could go back in time? Martinez was a pit bull. That said, jurors were very turned off by your demeanor with him. I truly ask this question respectfully.

    1. I will send this off to her within the next week.

  6. Please thank Jodi for answering questions! I meant to say that in my previous comment.

  7. Your comment explains why you didn't ask her any questions. My question is why read her answers if you don't believe she is telling the truth? I do appreciate you reading the blog and commenting, though.

  8. I'm curious about your advocacy of prison reform. Is there somewhere I can read about who what you've done/do in relation to prison reform? I ask, as there's an element of a dig at people hiding behind anonymity.
    These are not the sort of questions I would have chosen in order to satisfy anyone's curiosity in relation to what it's like serving life. Ie, she has appeals to face, why would a question be asked relating to her testimony?
    ps ... I can't seem to click on anything where I can state my full name, can you point me in the direction please?

    1. The dig at anonymity (Im guessing because I dont know her thoughts) is because she gets little to no actual hate mail. Its just people like me that hateful people lash out on.

    2. Ooops, I forgot to add that she could answer some of the questions. Her lawyer prohibits her from really commenting on the case particulars.


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