Sheila LaBarre, New Hampshire Cougar Knockin' 'em Dead - Literally

 I told you about crazy Sheila last year. She was way off into her 40's but had no trouble catching a dick (homage to Amy Schumer) anytime she wanted to. Always young and a little dumb, sometimes her young cubs disappeared. Turned out she was taking these young guys home and sexing them into a stupor and thren throwing them a curve ball when she turned into a royal bitch. She tortured and terrorized these guys for months, years and then killed them. She was finally arrested and convicted in 2008.

She had an insatiable sexual appetite and went from man to man even before she turned deadly. The local police were already aware of her but not from wrongdoings. They knew her well because she constantly complained. She complained about her neighbors, stores, companies, dogs, policies, etc. They avoided her if possible which may be why she got away with her craziness for so long.

The mother of one of her victims is still pretty pissed off though. Carolynn Lodge, mother of Sheila LaBarre's victim, Kenneth Countie, hand-delivered a petition to the state Attorney General's Office in 2012 accusing Epping police of "gross negligence" in how they handled the case. In 2010 she tried and failed to bring charges against two police officers who saw her son and LaBarre in Wal-Mart when he was in a wheelchair, burned and beaten.

In 2012 some toes were found on LaBarres horse farm. They did not belong to either of her victims. As far as I could find in my research they haven't been identified so she hasn't been charged with any additional crimes.

I cant really believe she wasn't found insane. How can you NOT be insane and commit some of the torturous acts she did to these men? She has two life sentences with no chance for parole. There is a great book written about this case called Wicked Intentions: A Remote Farmhouse, A Beautiful Temptress, and the Lovers She Murdered

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