Ann Anastasi Tried It, Didn't Like it, Massacred her Husband and His GF Because of It.

This case is a cluster-fuck if I've ever heard of one. A love triangle gone wrong, mixed with a hate-filled father-daughter relationship and a gullible 18 year old boy comprise the major players in this twisted Shakespearean tragedy.

Ann Anastasi, 42, and her husband, Anthony J. Anastasi Jr., 40, had both been carrying on a romantic relationship with Jacqueline Riggs, 25, according to police. Ann and Anthony's 18-year marriage was laden with conflict and domestic abuse, police said. Ann Anastasi recently had a falling out with both her husband and Riggs, who had moved into the basement of the family home. Many long term marriages have tried adding a third person to their marriage and it rarely works out. It seems like a great idea to add excitement and lust back into a marriage gone stale over the years.

Ann recruited her 13 year old daughter and her 18 year old boyfriend, Gabriel Ezekiel Struss and the trio set about designing a plan to kill Anthony and Jacqueline. On October 5th, Ann called the police to report that she had found her husband shot dead of apparent suicide in their bedroom. She reported that Riggs was also dead in the basement, stabbed to death.

The police say the crime scene was very well staged and they may not have been able to figure out the dastardly deed if not for the fine detective work involved. Details such as the caliber of gun shells spent on the scene not matching the ones that made the wound gave the case away.

The mother Ann, 13 year old daughter and Mr. Struss are all in custody as thi case continues to unfold.

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