Then No One Can Have Her by Caitlin Rother Steve DeMocker, Wife Killer

When soft, gentle soul Carol Kennedy met Steve DeMocker it was love at first site and the pair dubbed each other soul mates. Their two children, Katie and Charlotte soon followed and life was good.

The pair made a wonderful couple for years, working together and building a substantial fortune. Steve was talented, charismatic, charming and conniving, He was such a successful businessman that he always managed to get his own way. He used his charming personality in all areas of his life and it wasn't long before Steven started having extramarital affairs, one after the other.

Year after year, Carol would make excuses and cover up his embarrassing affairs but when he began to spend all their money as fast as they could spend it and was quickly running through their savings, she began to speak up. She filed for a divorce which left her financially bereft but feeling powerful and hopeful.

Immediately after the divorce, Steven began to flirt with Carol again who was still a bit bitter over losing so badly in the divorce. She was creeped out about it and the fact that he'd recently shown up at her door to ask her out for coffee. The divorce had torn apart Carols relationship with her daughter, which she was just repairing. She was on the phone with her mother one evening, preparing an evening meal and discussing all of these recent events when her mother heard Carol say the last thing she ever said; a very surprised and exasperated "Oh, no"!

Her beaten and bruised body was found in her rural home, her skull scattered in over 50 places. Steve was the immediate prime subject but it took almost five years to build a concrete case against him. Mired in legal red tape, mistakes and strange unpredictable hangups.

Caitlin Rother dazzles us again with her signature style of mesmerizing details and shocking twists in her book on this case called Then No One Can Have Her. She gives us a birds eye view of the entire marriage and its ultimate demise  as well as the most personal details of each players personality. The quaint town is crystal clear and the DeMocker home seems as personal as our home. 

New York Times bestselling author Caitlin Rother has written or co-authored nine books: Her latest, I'll Take Care of You, as well as Lost Girls, Poisoned Love, Dead Reckoning, Body Parts, Twisted Triangle, Deadly Devotion, Naked Addiction, and My Life, Deleted. 

Rother, a Pulitzer Prize nominee, worked as an investigative reporter at daily newspapers for nineteen years before deciding to write books full-time. Her work has been published in Cosmopolitan, the Los Angeles Times, The San Diego Union-Tribune, the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast. She has appeared dozens of times as a crime expert on Nancy Grace, the Jay Thomas ShowInvestigation Discovery, E!, HLN, the Oxygen Network, Greta Van Susteren’s On the Record, XM Radio, America at Night,CSPAN and various PBS radio and TV affiliates.

 Rother works as a book doctor/publishing and research consultant and teaches narrative non-fiction writing at UCSD Extension and San Diego Writers, Ink. Please visit her website at http://caitlinrother.com

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