Nashville Teen Girls Shoot it Out over Family Disrespect

I was doing my thing early yesterday morning. My spouse gets up at the unbelievably absurd 3:30 a.m. At times, which are few and far between, I get up with him and drink coffee and fix him a little brekkie for the hour or two drive to work. Yesterday happened to be one of those mornings.
So we sat, he and I, hours before sunrise and watched our favorite morning Newscasters on News 2 in Nashville. They are a funny lot with jokes and snide remarks plenty enough to start any crime writers day off right. I'm snickering away when I heard it.

A 14 year old girl, Treyonta Burleson  in Nashville had been shot. Shot twice, actually, in the chest. By who, you might ask? Who in the hell would shoot a 14 year old, little slip of a girl? One who had been involved in a neighborhood movement to improve the conditions in the projects on Charles E. Davis Boulevard.

Neighbors reported hearing a large group of girls screaming and fighting and a loud noise like a car crashing.One witness telling the newscaster that she heard the noise and came around the corner to see the small girl laying on the sidewalk covered in blood.

The shooter is 18 year old female, Antwana Smith of Hart Lane. The two girls engaged in an
argument around 4:40 p.m. Tuesday according to police reports. It escalated and Antwanna went into an apartment, got a gun and went back out, shooting Treyonta twice in the chest.

She went back into an apartment but police were able to coax her out and she admitted to the shooting saying the younger girl had disrespected her family. Shes charged with criminal homicide and should have appeared in court today.

This brings up an ever growing problem in my home state capital. The amount of teen crimes has risen to new heights just since last year. Whats happening to us, Nashville?

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