Rebecca Trevino Shot Her Cop Boyfriend on Thanksgiving Last Year.

 Last Thanksgiving (2014) we talked about Rebecca Trevino from Michigan. Instead of Turkey she served up hot steel when she killed her boyfriend who was also a reserve cop. Its one year later and I was wondering what happened to her.

She plead to a manslaughter charge and will spend about four years in prison. Im stunned.  She plead no contest to voluntary manslaughter, a felony that carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison, in July.

The family of the victim, James Gascoyne, says the nearly four-year sentence Rebecca I. Trevino will receive is not long enough but since she took the plea deal offered her, she was allowed to get the sentence. Just four years for killing a man. His family made a scene in the court room, saying they werent consulted about the deal.

It had to have helped that he was known to beat her profusely and had even beat her the night before.


  1. If he beat her he was at least 50% responsible for her reactions, a woman can only take so much abuse before she fights back, and if she is scared she will have to make it swift and harsh. I am with her.

    1. Its true. Abused women eventually snap. There is all kinds of evidence that he beat the crap out of her regularly. That doesnt mean he deserved to die but I think his family should accept that fact and leaver her alone to do this time.

    2. She didn't want him to die she called for help hello and alot of women several others been through this even the girl who stabbed her bf in parking lot of family dollar in 2018 on Sheridan in Saginaw Michigan she gets out of prison soon it's called battered woman's sydrome

    3. She took a plea for defending herself she 4'9 him 6'4 didn't run was honest and she ain't no in prison

  2. Look at all the bruises on her and the nobs on her head hell pull the hospital report from covenant that's where they took her first then to jail then she got a lawyer from jeffery fieger law Leon weiss and could of won this case but took a plea from expert witness in battered woman's syndrome Thank you🌹
    Happy Holidays and who ever wrote these story's don't got facts


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