When Death Row Women Turn on Each Other

Many years ago I had some trouble with the women on Pennsylvania death row. The way they twisted and turned my words to and about each other after years of friendship and the quickness with which they turned on each other was a rude awakening for me but it also helped me narrow my focus.  My stark opposition to the death penalty wasn't my focus. What I really wanted to do was give an alternative lifestyle to those living there forever. Basically so mean bitches like that have a little more trouble turning prison into the Criminal University we all know it is.

Believe it or not, a lot of these "evil bitches" dont want to live in a violent environment anymore. They dont want the fighting and deaths, the bullying and scare tactics and the constant drama. There are a percentage of women on death row and serving LWOP that realize this is their lifelong home and simply want to exist in peace. Some are guilty of their murderous crimes, others caught up in governmental flubs and red tape, but they are there and they want to be heard.

The whole situation in Texas reminds me of the Pennsylvania debacle. This situation revolves around Darlie Routier and the 3 -5 letters a month I get sometimes from other inmates with complaints about her. I have always been a supporter of hers but the things I hear she does in there make me wonder about her level of manipulation. I also try to keep the Pennsylvania lessons in the forefront of my mind in dealing with these Texas women. I hear she is ruthless if you arent in her clique, that she has pull with the guards and can take inmates jobs and other privileges away. If you fall out of her favor bad things can happen to you there. More than one inmate has told me she made a public announcement to all on their block that the prison would have me shut down and I am not legally able to make these revealing posts. The lesson reminders kick in and I wonder if these other inmates have some secret vendetta or manipulative plot of their own.

All I can say is if she has done ans said any of the things Ive ben told she has, I am reconsidering my stance on her guilt.

Let this serve as a little snippet of the life I lead with these women for your examination.


  1. Darlie has a history of being "Weird " starting way back when she fist was waiting trial.I have heard some of her Guards talk about how she would sing naked in her cell, always showing off her boobs.There were also the letters Greg Confiscated from Phil Adams ( now an inmate at Huntsville) that he and Darile were writing sexual type letters back and forth There was also the Jail inmate who turned Darlie in for planning to eacape.They would talk through the vents at Lew Sterrit Justice Center..they called it Darlie Live..I would be interested in hearing some of what you know about her jailhouse behaviour

  2. She's manipulative with male and female persons. A very dangerous person Darlie is.


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