Heather Leavell-Keaton Fed her Tiny Step-children Antifreeze and Dumped Them in the Woods

Heather Leavell-Keaton is an Alabama woman, the first from Mobile County, who was sentenced to death in August of 2015, for the murder, torture and abuse of the corpses of her two step-children in 2010.  The children's father, John DeBlase, received the same sentence.

By her own admission we know she was hardily covetous of the two children, Natalie, 5 and Chase, 3. Natalie was a particular thorn in her side because of the way family members treated her. She was loved by her extended family and they showed it. Heather hated how Natalie was treated like a princess while she was ignored.

The couple spent months, perhaps years abusing and torturing the kids. Burning them with cigarettes, binding them with duct tape and shoving them in suitcases, closets and crawl spaces for 10 - 12 hours at a time. They also bound them to broom handles and forced them to stand in a corner of the room for hour upon hour.

Authorities believe Heather killed both children. She has experimented with antifreeze on a dog until it died. She started to put antifreeze n the kids food regularly but when it failed to work she took more drastic measures.

After spending more than 10 hours duct taped in a suitcase, Natalie was removed and strangled to death. Her tiny body was dumped partially clothed in a remote area. Several months later they realized that Chase was becoming a serious liability. He would cry and ask about his sisters whereabouts. It was when he began to do it in public that they killed him too. Police have said he was tied to a broomstick for several hours before being strangled and dumped deep in the woods wearing only a diaper.

Heather admitted to an inmate that she had done all of the killing but her boyfriend was all for it. I take this information with a grain of salt. We all know what can happen when inmate testimony is part of the prosecution. It's unreliable, it's often fabricated either by the police or the inmate, and it is always questionable.

They both received a death sentence in August of 2015 for the 2010 murders. The children's mother, Corrine Heathcock DeBlase survives them. Heather admitted to the murders. Her defense was only to achieve a life sentence, she offered no excuses for her murderous acts. Her attorney's have said she has devoted her life to her Lord and spends her time alone, studying religion. John is still denying his guilt.

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