Kelly's Obscure Prison Observation of the Day

I offer every woman I write to a free book every quarter. I always choose three, a nonfiction book, a fiction and something technical like a how to or something similar. I print them a handout that has the available books and a description. This quarter one of the books was about hair braiding and had 25 different styles. Usually they choose an assortment, a few go with the popular fiction, some with a book on some historic figure. This time, however, every, single one wanted the book on braids.

I was really surprised. I don't think that's ever happened in all the years I have been doing this. I got curious and went back through the files to see how many had long hair. Only about half of the women I write to have hair long enough to braid. Curious, I asked the next one of them who called. Apparently, knowing how to do some really painstakingly elaborate braids is a lucrative business venture in women's prison.

This fascinated me to no end so I started thinking of articles I could write about the underground industries of women's prisons and how some of these women have skills and aptitudes for business that the world can take advantage of. There is something to salvage here. Something not only beautiful but profitable and economical.

My wheels are turning...


  1. Kelly, I happened upon your website last night, and have spent the better part of last night and this morning reading the articles about the different women, their cases, and your work!! I must say I'm pretty amazed by you. What you do is is something not many could do. What you do for these women is nothing short of amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing your work with the world. I would say I have an addiction to true crime, mostly murder of course. I really enjoy looking at both sides during trial defendant/prosecution, the evidence, and making my own assumptions. I truly believe some of the people especially death row cases are innocent, but I also believe some definitely deserve to be there. Kelly thanks again for all that you have shared, keep up the AMAZING work!!

    1. Um... I love you. Seriously. You are my favorite person ever :) Jokes aside, Im glad you find the information insightful. Take it for what its worth, its only my experience. Im like you tho, I love hearing all the sides of the case. When I get into a case I will seriously read anything about regardless of what side it comes from. I mean, you have to to fully understand it all. I also agree that some are guilty as hell and others are just not. Interestingly, sometimes I start out thinking one way and after a few years begin to see it another way! Thanks sooooo much for reading. Wright the Wrongs!

  2. Thanks so .such for the response, and so fast, I know you're super busy. Thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to what else is coming.


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