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What I didnt Put in the New True Crime Book

Here you are, my avid readers, what you've been asking for. Your reasons. Those dear sweet people I know in limited ways but love limitlessly. For those who stumbled upon me on accident on this day, you've found quite a thing. Something that simultaneously, intrigues, brings joy and/or pisses off the majority of its readers. Where have I been and where did I go? A part of me broke and I had to put it back together. As I've said before in this blog, I write it because the unruly portions of society are drawn toward me and I am not afraid of them. A lot of people ask me about it, but I think it's also true that I am drawn to those unruly portions of society. You may say I deserve it, that I should be ready for the things I heard but I was not. I may have asked for the moment of hell I went through but I still did not deserve it. No matter what you hear and report on, you are never used to hearing depravity against a child or women. I just finished writing a book