Murder Among the Milkshakes - A Death at Sonic Drive- In

I was sitting in the car at Sonic with my youngest daughter, waiting for my oldest to get off work when my mind began to wander, as it sometimes does, to murder. I wondered if anyone had ever been killed at a Sonic Drive-in. So, I decided to use my time waiting productively (Go, me!) and do a little research. I figured my chances were pretty good that someone somewhere had been murdered at a Sonic Drive-in. Surprisingly, I found only one case.

In DeKalb County, Georgia,  in January of 2015, a murder occurred during an attempt at robbery. Four teen boys tried to rob a Sonic customer at gun point but the customer pulled his own gun, and shot one of the assailants, 19-year-old Kenneth Brayboy, who later died at an area hospital from the wounds. The other boys, one a 17 year-old, Desmond McKnight, absconded, but McKnight was later caught and charged with murder and criminal attempt-armed robbery among other things.

I thought it strange that the boy was charged with murder and not the customer, the man who shot him. But it seems Georgia law says that because he was involved in the criminal act that resulted in Brayboy's death, he can be charged with his murder. The customer who was being robbed and who actually did the killing, was a National Guard member, 23-year-old Joseph Toombs.

So there you have it, the only case of murder to ever occur at a Sonic Drive- In.
You're welcome. My work here is done.

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