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Its that time again. My inbox is overflowing with people requesting help for their inmate loved ones. Donations have been low and I am having trouble keeping up alone. Please help these people in need who are trying to better their lives and those of their families. If you don't want to do it yourself, use the Donate to Paypal button at the bottom of this page.

Hello I'm sure you've heard everything but you seriously are what I've been looking for, I need someone to help me figure out all that free stuff he can get it while he is locked up so you don't drive me so crazy with boredom.
Derrick dean staples
Tipton correctional facility

I have a Dear friend who was incarcerated and it's been difficult to keep up with writing to her and sending her books due to my new medical issues and would like your assistance Her name and address
Iliana Archuleta
1916 N. Hwy 36
Gatesville, Texas 76596
Thank you very much
Diane Navarro

Please send reading books, spiritual worksheets, and pen pals for my two Florida inmates:
Shawn hill
Century Work Camp
400 Tedder Road
Century Florida 32535

Jammie Williams
P24125. F3-22U
Gadsden Correctional
6044 Greensboro hwy
Quincy, Florida  32351

Contacting you regarding my wife who is incarcerated and I was wondering if she would be a candidate for your help ?
Her name is venasha vidalez and she's in Inverness jail in Portland OR
Thank you.

No specific requests were made on this one. I just received this info in my email.
Jonathan Williams #206391.                        
MSP Unit 29D B-Zone Bed 103.                      
Parchman Ms 38738

My name is Karlie Donabedian. I am emailing because I found your website while looking for resources to help my husband, (he has 4 years left) as I am unable to due to my long term health issues. We are needing help with a care package. I think it's just wonderful how you are helping inmates like this. Please email me back and let me know what can be done, I would greatly appreciate it!
God Bless you

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