Pamela Moss Georgia Multi-Murderess

I write to Pam Moss often and included her in the Voices from Death Row book I wrote, which released in July. She is thought to have killed her husband and previously did time for killing her mother before she killed a man she was working for because she owed him money. You can learn more about in this post I wrote. She also wrote me an interesting letter on fellow inmate Kelly Gissendaner and her execution.

I received a letter from her in July. She talked about having recently gotten tablets in her pod. It made me think of all the letters and comments I get from people who do not think prisoners have WiFi access, or cable television. Not all prisons offer this to their inmates, but many do.  Some you can even have video visitations with. She says,
"We got tablets last year. Very limited WiFi -mostly on email. There are some free resources: semi-decent dictionary, and a good thesaurus. 15+ free ebooks. Most are titles that remind me of school summer reading lists. Some are good. There are free videos; most 4- 8 minutes long on art, math, science, and history. Very interesting!"
 Some LWOP inmates have garden spots and private porches to sit on. You'd be amazed. Others have next to nothing. Although these benefits exist, it does not mean prison is a nice place. The heat/air/ventilation rarely works. The food is not food in most cases but some prisons, those with farms, have real food.

Pam also talks about her petition to turn her dorm into a program dorm, which means the women in that dorm would all be working a program. She is in her 3rd draft.


Mariana T. Lesnic Shot and Killed Trucker at a Rest Stop

This just happened, you guys.

On Wednesday, the 6th, Ernest Kummer, 60, of Monroe was fatally shot at the westbound I-80 rest area near mile marker 208. Police arrived to find him dead in his cab and Mariana Lesnic close by.

They arrested her and stated she shot him deliberately but with no premeditation. She made her initial appearance Wednesday in Iowa County District Court. Bond was set at $1 million.

So far, nothing has been said about why she did it or what the circumstances were when the murder occurred.


Transgender Kryzie King Tortured a 4 YO boy to Death in Hells Kitchen

Kryzie King, a 29-year-old, transgender woman from Hell's Kitchen, tortured and starved her boyfriends 4-year-old son to death in 2013. She was angry she'd been left with the boy over the long Christmas holiday. She had plans to go to Jamaica and now those plans were ruined.

Ashlee Dobson
Little Myls Dobson had been removed from the custody of his mother, Ashlee Dobson, in 2012 for charges of neglect and abuse and had been living with his father, Okee Wade, a convicted rapist. Wade had left King in charge of Myls went he left the luxury high rise but was arrested for failure to appear in court on fraud charges and jailed unexpectedly, leaving King to care for the boy.
Okee Wade

Over the course of 29 days she tortured him until he died on January 7th. She beat and burned him. She put him outside in several feet of snow for hours undressed. She tied him up and gagged him. Never once in the entire time did she feed him. He died of starvation and King called the police.

Wade swears from jail that he doesn't know King nor have a relationship with her but it is unclear how the child was in her custody then. King first described how much she loved the boy and her big plans for Christmas including a $900 gaming console and Christmas Tree. But then went on to describe watching him die as he sat slumped in the bath tub. He had lost 25 lbs.
It began shortly after Wade was arrested and the boy asked to go to McDonalds. King lost her temper and beat the boy, badly injuring him. She said she knew that she would be in trouble if she sought help for him.

King told police that on December 29 she removed a hot rack from an oven with a glove and allegedly placed it against the boy's right leg, leaving linear burn marks, the complaint said. The next day, she told police, she allegedly struck him about his body five to six times with a belt, leaving bruises and scars.

The complaint said King admitted that from December 30 to January 4 she allegedly tied the boy's wrists and feet together with shoe laces and gagged him with a piece of cloth. She told police that resulted in scaring on his wrists and ankles. On the day she freed him, the complaint said, King allegedly beat him twelve to thirteen times with a belt.

On Tuesday, during subfreezing temperatures, King told police she allegedly locked the the child, wearing only a T-shirt and shorts, outside on a balcony from 20 minutes to an hour, the complaint said. That same day, she allegedly locked the boy inside a dark bathroom for about three hours.

On the day she was sentenced to 22 years to life, she asked the judge to order the prison not to touch her hair. Her lawyer explained that her hair was important to her identity as a transgender woman. She also asked to be put in a special prison for transgender women and isolated in fear for her life.

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