Sabrina Limon's Love Triangle

My dad was often involved in illegal activities and as a result we moved a lot during my childhood. Only once or twice were my brother and I ever at the same school for two consecutive years. One year in the late 70's, we lived in Portage, Indiana in a duplex. Our connecting neighbors changed several times in the year or so we lived there. The ones who stayed the longest were a couple, Zina and Dave. They buddied up with my parents and spent long nights drinking and playing cards. I remember Zina the clearest because Id never heard that name before and she had a huge dark gold Afro, bronze skin, and a loud laugh.

A few months into the friendship, I noticed things had cooled off a bit. No more card games late at night or bottle rockets in the yard. My dad was a notorious abuser and one night I awoke to him throwing my mom around the room. He was accusing her of being an accomplice to Zina, who had apparently been caught in a set-up trying to find a hit man to kill her husband. My mom knew nothing of it but it was the talk of the town for a few days, both my mom's beating and Zina's murder shopping. 

Robert & Sabrina Limon
Sabrina Limon has found herself in the same position except her husband is dead. She and her husband Robert decided to become swingers. It wasn't long before the marriage began to deteriorate and Sabrina found herself a boyfriend 10 years younger, Jonathon Hearn. The two decided it was inevitable that Robert had to die for their relationship to continue, or so he said in court.
Jonathan & Sabrina

Its been three years since Robert was found shot to death and Hearn has plead guilty to shooting him but says Sabrina was just as complicit. She was found guilty of murder, conspiracy to commit murder and accessory to murder but says she only cheated on her husband and didn't know anything about a murder despite mounds of evidence against her. 

Sabrina put me in mind of Zina and I wonder what happened to her. I had forgotten about her and how fun and lively she always was. All the while plotting murder in her heart. 

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