My Daughter Has Felony Drug Convictions Now What?

I got an email today from a woman in distress over her drug addicted daughter in jail. She asks for advice and I thought someone out there may have some experience to share with her. Feel free to comment or send me an email and I'll forward it along to her.

Hi Kelly,  
I stumbled across your website after receiving a letter from my 30 year old daughter in jail. She goes to court 12/7/17 on many felony drug related charges spanning over a few years.
Of course, I have known she was using drugs, perhaps not to the extent. I think mommy-denial plays a part. I allowed her to move back home on the home incarceration program, but that only lasted a month before the lies, stealing & drug use re-appeared. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown while she was here!
I am trying to practice tough love, and honestly sleep better knowing (hoping) she isn't able to use drugs or break into my house again. Her letter is saying the expected, going to re-hab and getting her life together promises.
She has asked for MyCarePackage.Com and specific books from Amazon. The tough love part of me says, 'No she has stolen, lied and embarrassed you." 
The mommy part of me wants to do anything possible to help her. 
I fear, if I send her gifts, she will think she has managed to manipulate me again. I have rented apartments, turned on utilities, paid deposits for daycare, given her my car & then paid all the parking tickets. She has stolen my vacation money & used my debit card, brought strange men to my house, passed out with pans burning on my stove, left doors wide open during the night.........It makes me anxious just typing all the memories.
I just don't know what to do. I want to pretend its not happening, but it is. 
As one Kelly to another Kellie, what is your advice?
Thank you for your time, 

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