Tina Brown, Heather Lee, & 16 YO Britnee Miller Killed Over Teen Jealousy

The first thing I thought of when I found this lady, Tina Brown, was that old Texas case where that mom went ballistic and tried to hire a hitman to kill her daughter's cheerleading rival. Wanda -something -or -other was her name. My sister lives close to her still.

This story is even more brutal, if you can believe that. Tina's 16-year-old daughter, Britnee was on and off besties with another gal in their Pensacola, Florida trailer park, Audreanna Zimmerman. Like many teen friendships, it ran hot and cold depending on the current drama in the trailer park. In March of 2010, it was frigid and it was all over a boy.
Audreanna Zimmerman

Police reports say Britnee complained to her mom, Tina, and a neighbor, 27-year-old, Heather Lee, about the ongoing arguments with Audreanna, already a mom of two at 19-years-old. The trio decided to find her and hem her up so Britnee could fight her. Things got out of hand,

They found Audreanna walking along a dirt road. Tina Brown used a stun gun on her and beat her with a crow bar. Heather and Britnee jumped in kicking and punching. Other reports have the three women accosting Audreanna at Brown's home and then driving her to a secluded area. In either instance, once she was beaten near death, they covered her in an accelerant and set her ablaze.

Her assailants sped off, leaving her to burn to death but she wanted to live. Summoning all the strength she had left, she drug herself to a nearby home and found help. She was rushed to the hospital and despite being burnt over most of her body, was able to tell police who her attackers were. She lived in a drug induced coma for two more weeks before perishing.

Heather Lee testified against Brown and received a 25 year sentence. Brown received a death sentence and her daughter Britnee was charged as an adult and received a life without parole sentence.


  1. An article dated from 2017 reports that Brittany Miller has decided that prison just isn't for her and is seeking a new trial. I could not find anything on the outcome of that.

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