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How to Use Your True Crime Obsession to Make Money

Start logging your time on the ID Channel and let’s make some money

We are crazy addicted to true crime. While we have been into checking out the misfortune of others since the dawn of time, we now demand television channels, books, podcasts, and live streaming access to all things crime, criminal and (hopefully) ghastly. And documentaries. Do not forget the documentaries. AAllllll the documentaries.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could hang out our signs as armchair investigators and start raking in the cash? We can, Detective. Oh yes, we can. Here’s how:

Blog/Vlog and Podcast

I know you have heard it before. Start a blog about your life’s passion. Make a living from your living room. Except it isn’t that easy. There is a whole lot that goes into a blog, including finding the perfect niche to blog about. Starting a true crime blog means you already have a popular niche. Then just customize it. Find the perfect niche. Niche it good. Get really nichey. Are you a mom of 10 foster kids? Bam! Now you’re the True Crime Foster Mom solving crimes and blending families all over town. The more creative you can be, the better. True crime podcasts are everywhere these days. Every Tom, Dick and Sally is spilling their truth all over the place so you gotta have a great idea. Vlog about famous local crime scenes. Carry your cell phone camera everywhere and go from the cuff. Start local and build a rep in your town. Start from there.
The best cheap and fast book I have found about podcasting is Start a Podcast. You can get it free if you have Kindle Unlimited. It is .99 cents if not.

Write a Book

If you have knowledge of a great case, write a book about it. Even if you can’t get it traditionally published, there are a million other options these days and they are all making money. Contact a true crime author you love (ahem… my email is and get their help. Self-publish paperbacks and market them yourself, or publish e-books on Kindle. Be prepared to invest some serious time and energy into this one. There are untraditional options though, if your pressed for time. Write up short little article type books, call them 10 Second Crimes and rock it out. I read How to Write and Sell True Crime a billion years ago and it helped me tremendously. It is dated but very useful still. 

Sell Your Crafts
Anyone with an interest in true crime who is crafty can make a buck. I am often invited to conferences and expos. I set up a booth with my books and meet readers. Sometimes I am invited to hold panel discussions. I never fail to be amazed by all the amazing, creative vendors at these things. People make serial killer jewelry, bookmarks, and Tshirts. I’ve seen fake fingernails with Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez on them. I have sat next to a vendor who made lingerie donned with flashy images of crime scenes. Think it up and make it. Someone will buy it.

Make Your Own TV Channel
Go through something like Roku and set up a channel with your own content. Its free to sign up as long as you have the content. roku helps you advertise and market. Anyone with a Roku box and enjoy the many hard hours of ID Channel knowledge gathering you have done.

There are a ton more things you could do. It all depends on your talents and motivation. When I started this journey, I was in a horrible marriage. I truly thought I would die either at his hand or at my own from pure misery. My interest in crime and desire to write about it had been life-long and I reached out to inmates in an obvious attempt to find someone – anyone- in worse shape than me in life. It could always be worse. Use your own life experiences to spur you on. Use what you know to make you grow. 

If you have any questions or need some one-on-one attention to get started become a patreon of Woman Condemned.
Do you know of another way this grisley obsession can help make ends meet? Let me know. 


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