Murder Podcasts

Everybody is into these true crime podcasts. I have listened to one, Somethings Not Right, and that was because it was a local case from when I was a kid and it blew my mind that someone was covering it. I did a few podcasts last year and found it quite fun.

Last night I had the great pleasure of talking with Dan Zupansky on his show Blog Talk Radio about my book Taking Tori. It was live and an hour long and I was incredibly, incredibly nervous. Then my father-in-law, who was fixing my broken toilet, decided to bust in during the middle of the interview to tell me he was going back to town for another pipe for the 'commode'. Nice. 

Today, you can hear me talking with Andrew Dodge of True Crime Auction House about murder, mayhem and monsters among us, along with a steady stream of stories about the worst of the experiences I have had with some of the women on death row and other criminals. Including the hometown guy I partied with who killed a gal and texted me afterward. 

If you check them out leave me comment :) You can make fun of my hillbilly accent.

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