Lacy Lyons Shot her BF in the Back of the Van they were Living In

Lacy Lyons, 35, of Eugene, Oregon, will return to Lane County Circuit Court for sentencing on Tuesday.

Lyons’ attorney, David Saydack, told jurors in an opening statement to the trial that his client had shot and killed Turnage, who had been her boyfriend, after enduring months of threats that led her to believe that he eventually would kill her. Lyons testified in her own defense at trial earlier this week, according to court records.

Lyons walked away from the park after killing her boyfriend, and later called 911 from a downtown coffee shop to report the incident. The prosecutor added that during a subsequent interview with police, Lyons discussed the “toxic nature” of her relationship with Turnage but never asserted that she feared Turnage was going to use deadly force against her on the night of the shooting.

Turnage was unarmed when police went to the park and found his body in the back seat of a Ford Explorer that the couple had called home.
The couple had been camping in the SUV at the park, where Eugene city officials authorized overnight car camping as part of a program managed by St. Vincent de Paul.

Lyons is expected to be sentenced to life in prison when she returns to court Tuesday.



Whitney Gray Nashville Double Murderess Can Get Parole

Whitney Gray had a bad heroin habit. I told you about it back in June of 2016. She and her boyfriend, Brandon Griswold, had amassed a $650 - $700 tab with their drug dealers/roommates at Howe Garden Apartments at 1921 Greenwood Ave. on Nashville's east side, Preston Claybrooks and Alexandria Grubbs. When they realized they had no way to pay it they decided to kill them.

Around 10 a.m. the next morning, they crept into the couples room as they slept. Whitney was armed with a hammer, Brandon had a music stand. They beat the couple until their skulls crashed in and then Brandon finished the job by slitting both of their throats. The murderous, heroin-spiked couple shoved the dead roommates in a closet, piled towels and a foam mattress on top of them, and promptly forgot about them.

Whitney went to work a few hours later. She and Brandon decided they needed to vacate the premises when the bodies began to smell. They were the leaseholders on the apartment so when Preston Claybrook's mother came to find him but only found an apartment with the stench of death, she called the cops. It didn't take long to find Whitney and Brandon. They had moved under a bridge with a homeless man.

They first plead not guilty but caved rather quickly as the heroin wore off. The state sought a LWOP sentence. The couple had separate trials in 2017 and both took a plea to get a chance at parole after 51 years.

Update on Brina Nie

The confusing case of Brina Nie and her deadly Easter Sunday murder spree has just gotten more confusing. The main reason this case is so fascinating is because of the neighbors. Just moments after the first post went up earlier this month, two of Brina's neighbors posted on the Facebook page for TWC. Both revealed their heartfelt sympathies for the family - including Brina. They say the family was a quiet, normal family and the murder and shooting are a surprise. None of them can quite figure out what went wrong, although one mentioned a few incidents of Brina displaying some anti-social behavior although nothing really unusual for a young woman her age. She is also said to be somewhat mentally "slow".

Brina plead not guilty to first degree murder and assault. Investigators have said she did make incriminating remarks at her home where the murder took place which led to her arrest. Her case is being bound over to the Hart County grand jury to determine whether there is enough evidence pending against her for an indictment.

I am curious to see if the mother played any part in this. Reports say she claimed the blood on her clothes at the scene was not hers, but her husbands. It was later, at the hospital, where she found she'd been shot. Why would a young woman with no previous history of violence just off her father on Easter Sunday? Was he abusive? Is Brina deranged but hid it well?


Roena Cheryl Mills West Virginia

Holy shit. This bitch cut a man's head off. The cops found his body in the house and his head in the woods behind the house. They also found Roena Cheryl Mills standing in the middle of the woods, covered in blood, wearing a glove on one hand. WTF.

 A Virginia woman has been charged in the death of a West Virginia man who was decapitated, authorities said Monday. Media outlets report 29-year-old Bo White's body was found April 1 in his home in the Lerona area and his head in some woods.

Court documents released Monday show 41-year-old Roena Cheryl Mills was charged with second-degree murder. According to a criminal complaint, Mills had been in the woods, was covered in blood and had a pocket knife in her pants when she arrived at another residence. The homeowners called authorities after they offered to give her a ride and she refused to leave the property.

The complaint said Mills gave a sheriff's deputy a false identify and claimed she had been thrown through a glass door but wouldn't disclose her attacker. While Mills was being taken for questioning, she told the deputy, "you have to take me back and let me get my heads," the complaint said.

Mills was wearing a glove on her left hand, and a matching glove was found in White's bedroom. Both gloves were covered in blood. Investigators said Mills and White knew each other. Prosecutor George Sitler did not disclose a possible motive and said it's unclear how White died. An autopsy is pending.

"We do not know if he was killed by the beheading or if he expired before that," Sitler said.

Mills, who is from Rural Retreat, Virginia, is being held on a $210,000 cash-only bond in the Southern Regional Jail. Jail records don't indicate whether she has an attorney.


Ezra J. McCandless Wisconsin

What the holy fuck went on in this case? There is so much going on I cant figure it all out!The Stanley woman who admitted to stabbing an Eau Claire man in rural Dunn County has appeared before Judge James Peterson.

Ezra J. McCandless, 20, 36794 25th Ave., Stanley, has been charged with first degree intentional homicide in the March 22 death of 24-year-old Alexander L. Woodworth.

Formerly known as Monica Karlen, McCandless appeared with her attorney, Aaron Nelson of Hudson, before Dunn County Judge James Peterson on Friday morning.

Citing issues with the criminal complaint, Nelson requested the criminal complaint be sealed and a certain paragraph be struck. However, Assistant Attorney General Richard Dufour — who appeared via telephone — noted that since McCandless had signed a waiver of medical records, the information in the complaint should not be removed.

In addition to continuing the $250,000 cash bond on which McCandless is being held, Peterson ruled that the complaint would not be sealed and set a preliminary hearing for April 25.

According to the criminal complaint:

Around 4:15 p.m. on March 22, the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office received a call from Don A. Sipple that a young woman had arrived on foot at his residence in the E7600 block of 40th Avenue in the town of Spring Brook. Sipple reported that the woman was bloody, barefoot and muddy.

A deputy responded with a Wisconsin state trooper and the woman was later identified as McCandless. The deputy found her hair to be disheveled and noted blood around her mouth, on her knuckles, left arm and upper right thigh visible through a hole in her pants. Although she appeared to be very upset and crying, the deputy said he didn’t see any visible tears.

When asked by the trooper, McCandless could not provide an address or her name, but gave the name of Jason Mengle, of Eau Claire, as someone they could contact on her behalf.

Followed by the Dunn County deputy, McCandless was taken by ambulance to Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire. At the hospital, he could see the word “Boy” cut into her left arm and also learned that McCandless had changed her name from Monica Karlen in 2015.

The doctor who examined McCandless on March 22 reported that the angle of the wounds indicate that they could be self-inflicted and the letters carved in her left arm were oriented for her to look at. McCandless admitted to medical staff that she has self-harmed in the past.

The Dunn County deputy reached out to the Eau Claire Police Department for help in finding Mengle. An officer said ECPD earlier the same day, around 12:30 p.m., police contact had been made with McCandless, Mengle and Woodwoth at Woodworth’s home in Eau Claire.

Asked what happened that day, McCandless admitted to being at Woodworth’s home and left to go to Owen Park in the city where she claimed that Woodworth allegedly attacked her and cut “boy” into her arm. For jurisdiction reasons, the investigation was turned over to the ECPD officer.

In an initial review of cameras in the area, the officer could find no evidence of McCandless’s car coming or going from the park, noting that the alleged assault took place near a busy intersection with lots of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

At that point, an ECPD investigator took over the investigation and observed that a significant amount of time had taken place between the time McCandless was found at Sipple’s residence and the last time she was seen with Woodworth. Concerned for his safety, an unsuccessful search for Woodworth was initiated in the city and county of Eau Claire.

Around 3 p.m. on March 23, the investigators went to Sipple’s residence to interview him a second time. As they drove, they noticed a mud-covered road leading off to the south of 430th Avenue, about a 40-acre parcel east of Sipple’s home.

One of the investigators returned to the dirt road and found a single set of bare footprints in the mud that lacked the ridge detail found in a shoe pattern. He also observed tire tracks leading up the muddy road.

Walking up the side of the road, the detectives located a 2003 Chevy Impala with license plates that later confirmed it as McCandless’s vehicle. The driver’s side rear door was standing open and clothing could be seen lying on the ground outside.

The detectives could see what appeared to be the head and upper body of a person lying partly outside the door. With blood around the car and no signs of life, it was clear the person was deceased. Once they confirmed there were no other victims on the scene, the detectives backed out of the area to preserve the crime scene and called the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office to complete the investigation.

Identifed as Woodworth, the body was taken to the Ramsey County (Minnesota) Medical Examiner’s Office on March 24 for an autopsy. According to the preliminary report, the cause of death was multiple sharp force injuries — 16 in all — and that the manner of death was homicide.

Interviewed by investigators on March 24, McCandless told them she drove to Woodworth’s house to return some things to him. She said they wanted to talk with each other and decided to go to a public place. Initially, she was in the driver’s seat with Woodworth in the passenger’s seat, but later became anxious and had Woodworth drive.

McCandless said they ended up on a dirt road on 430th Avenue in Spring Brook in Dunn County where they got stuck in the mud. She alleged that Woodworth attacked her in the vehicle and carved the word into her arm. Grabbing the blade side of the knife, she said she was able to take the blade from Woodworth and admitted to stabbing him “anywhere and everywhere.”

McCandless said she thinks she stabbed Woodworth in the genitalia area by his leg, the stomach, neck, back by the ribs and side of his head. She did not respond when asked how the word “Boy” got put onto her arm, but later admitted she put it there after she stabbed Woodworth.

McCandless remains in custody in the Dunn County Jail.



Brina Nie Kentucky

I was getting ready to start my writing day one day last week when I saw the mug shot of a very young girl flash onto the television screen. Brina Nie, 21, had been arrested for the Munfordville, KY. shooting death of her father and gun shot injury to her mother. She shot them in the family home. Jeffery Nie, 56, was dead on the scene. Barbra Nie, 58, was injured.
Brina was charged with murder and first degree assault. 

At 3:14 a.m. last Sunday, state police were called to a shooting at 370 G. Shelton Road. Troopers found Jeffrey and Barbara Nie in an upstairs bedroom. Jeffrey Nie had multiple gunshot wounds, while Barbara Nie had a gunshot injury.
Hart County Coroner Reggie Pettitt pronounced Jeffrey Nie dead at the scene. Barbara Nie was taken to the University of Louisville Hospital, where she was in serious but stable condition, according to a release.

Brina E. Nie, 21, of  northern Hart County, pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Monday in Hart District Court. A preliminary hearing – to determine whether probable cause exists to send the case to a grand jury – was scheduled for 8:30 a.m. April 9.

What in the possible hell could have made her shoot her parents ala Lizzy Borden?  Was he abusing her? Maybe the mother knew. Maybe she wanted the insurance money to support her drug habit. Maybe the mother is in on it and the wound wasn't deadly on purpose. Make your bets folks. 

Alyssa Bustamante Update