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Brina Nie

If you recall, Brina Nie is the 21-year-old woman who shot her father in the head and killed him. She also shot her mother in the arm. I wrote about it briefly when it happened, and then gave a quick update later. I was really amazed by how many people wrote in to tell me what wonderful people they are. I was given the opportunity to interview her neighbors, approximately four of them, as long as I kept their identity a secret. This is a small community. Everyone knows everyone who knows everyone.  Many of the neighbors, as one would imagine, have their own theories about what is going on here. No matter whose opinions I express, someone will write with a complaint about what I didn't mention, or what I got wrong, according to something he/she saw somewhere, at some time. But, if you're here to hear something from the actual people around, this is it. Here are the top theories from the four people I have spoken to who knew some aspect of this family tragedy. We'll see

Morgan Smith Florida Sex Slave Murderer

Morgan Smith Florida Murderer I am so excited. So. Darn. Excited. Last night I got a Jpay email from Florida inmate Morgan Smith. I heard about her years ago and the first thing that popped into my mind was that she had most obviously lost her mind. In fact, I am not sure I have ever seen a more obvious case in my life. I think what people are missing about her case is that she was so badly mistreated for so long, her mind was desperately trying to find a way to cope with all that had went down in her life. The human mind can only handle so much before it snaps. Convicted Female Killer Morgan Smith I maybe wrong, however. (GASP!) She said there were some discrepancies in what Id previously reported and she was looking forward to giving me the facts. She did say that it wasn't my fault because all I had to go on was what the media and police had distorted. I wish all people were as understanding. Unless I hear right out of the accused mouth, I have no way of knowing what t

Melanie McGuire New Jersey's Suitcase Killer

Melanie McGuire is a New Jersey woman who killed and dismembered her husband, William McGuire in 2004, put his body parts into suitcases and threw them off a bridge into the Chesapeake Bay. She attempted an appeal in 2017 on the grounds of ineffectual counsel but it was denied. At the time of the murder, she was a a fertility clinic nurse living in Woodbridge. Michael A. Priarone, an attorney who has represented McGuire for the last two years, said his legal team plans to file a petition for certification with the Supreme Court in the next few weeks on the post-conviction relief appeal. He said he believes the decisions will be reversed. It very well may be. The evidence against her included Internet searches about fatal poisons, gun laws and murder seized from her home computers. It also included expert testimony linking the plastic garbage bags used in the disposal of her husband's body to ones found in their own home. She also bought a gun and filled a forged prescriptio