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I don't know if you know this, dear reader, but I have been writing this blog for approximately 12 years (maybe 15, I cant really remember). I had been writing to women on death row for years before that. As you can imagine, I have collected more than my fair share of unusual memorabilia such as letters, artwork, poetry, prison recipes, jokes, gossip, complaints, origami, and all manner of crafts. I also have a few locks of hair, handprints, and it just gets weirder from there.

Women on Death Row

I get occasional offers from dealers of prison and true crime collectibles for my weird treasures. Sometimes Ill sell them to help finance a woman on death row and run this blog. A few times, Ive given them away as gifts, and to charity raffles and fundraisers. I realized yesterday when it took me three hours to find what I was looking for that its time to purge. No better place to give things away than right here for you guys.

Enter the raffle to get your chance to win three random items from my collection. It could be three letters, or a letter and two drawings, or maybe three poems. I also have a few surprise items I am going to give the winner. Ill share with everyone else when the winner is chosen.

If you have every wanted to own a piece of American criminal history, or start a collection of American prison system collectibles, now is your chance to get started. FREE! I just want to give something back to you readers who are here and on the Facebook page everyday. I really appreciate ya'll. You keep me going.

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