This is a video I did back in 2015 when Kimberly Cargill was relating messages to me about how Darlie was running things in prison. Kim was so scared of her that she wanted me to try to write from a different address so she wouldn't know it was me. I was sending her things and not Darlie and Darlie was getting upset about it. She likes to know what everyone in the pod is doing. Everyone. Everything.

Eventually, she started to send me messages about what I could say and couldn't say about her case. It kind of shocked me that she'd be so bold and pretentious from death row. I had even corresponded with Darlie one-on-one for years before that. Kim's level of fright also surprised me. This lady was genuinely scared of Darlie and what she called "her crew".

For the record, I do believe Darlie could be innocent. I see a lot of unexplained inconsistencies in her case. But the whole evil prison matron thing she has going on really makes me wonder.

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