Molly Jane Roe TN Woman Rapes and Kills 1 yr old

I have written about Molly before. She is from Bell, Tennessee. She plead guilty to the murder of her boyfriend's 17 month old daughter.

While this case had plenty of coverage, I have yet to find one that goes into any detail. I would like to know why she did this and the circumstances leading to the crime. What in the world could make someone do this?

I don't understand the rape of a toddler. Why? Autopsy reports showed bruising and damage to the vaginal area and hips. She had bite marks on her back.

Maleeya Marie Murley died of brain injuries. She had been thrown into a wall and then a table hard enough to deliver fatal brain damage as well as injury to some internal organs.

Molly plead guilty and will be eligible for release after 25 years. She has never spoken about her crime and doesn't answer my letters informing her of the blog.


  1. I received a Christmas card and letter from Molly on 12/21/19.

  2. I grew up with her and her brothers in Humboldt and the whole family was really dysfunctional. I think one of her brothers ended up in trouble for child abuse too.

  3. I wonder why she didn't receive a death sentence


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