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This time of year... ugh. What can I say? Some people are filled with holiday cheer and I so wish I was one of them. I am not exactly Scrooge McDuck but I get uber sad and all emo this time of year. I miss my mom. I cant do things for my loved ones that I'd like too. My daughter is all the way across the country. Each year, I say Next year I will have the perfect Christmas for everyone I love. But I never do. You know the drill. At least some of you do. It is best for me to stay busy until the day after Christmas when I take down my tree with more holiday joy than most people did putting theirs up.

I have a full slate of work for various content mills (Textbroker, Verblio, etc.) just to fill up the day because I don't have anything for any of my private clients except an idea I'm working on for Sinfully Vin. I have an article Ive written called Small Town Horror Story about my experience with Skott Hale I need to shop around. It is part of a true crime memoire I have been working on for some time but can never get through. It throws me into a weird emotional place. I need to get through that and get it out there just to be done with it. I'm trying to get a new true crime video out to you by the new year too. Wednesday I am going to a criminal justice career fair. Maybe Ill get back into probation. Who knows? Show me the money, right?

Today I will write letters, though. I am writing to Morgan Smith, Alyssa Bustamante, and Samantha Allen. All convicted of killing someone in wildly differing circumstances, yet they are all in the same position on this Christmas 2018 and no matter how bad I feel, I am not where they are. Or where their victims are. Maybe something I say to them will make a change in their lives and inspire them to change someone or something in there that will make a difference. That is something I can do while still in the safety of my cozy home.

I'll get to work now but I will be thinking of you all. All of you people who, like me, have a hard time during this season. I'm here if you need an ear.

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