Jennifer Trent - Barefoot Bay Florida Murderer

Jennifer Trent is 38-year-old and she will be in prison for the rest of her life. She and her 7-year-old son moved into the home of 70-year-old Doris Johnston.  Doris had a big heart and hoped to help Jennifer get back on her feet. Things were great for a while but eventually Jennifer began to feel resentful toward the older woman and her comfortable way of life.

Police said in early January of 2015, Jennifer bashed Doris over the head with something and drug her into a backyard laundry building where she lingered in and out of consciousness for days. Eventually, Jennifer smothered her but continued to use the laundry room for several days.

Once Doris was dead, Jennifer used her credit cards and savings to buy high-end electronics and toys. Doris's son was getting suspicious, despite Jennifer's tale that she had booked a trip to Chicago for an indefinite stay. He sent the police to do a welfare check and they noticed several boxes to new TVs and game consoles. They asked questions to which Jennifer presented elaborately created documents supposedly giving her express permission to use her credit cards and plunder her savings.

Everything just seemed too fishy so the police took a look around and spotted Doris's body through a window. She still had the garbage bag over her head.

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