You, Me, & Murder

If you have ever heard any of the interviews I have done, you know why I was made for this job. My whole life has been plagued by murder and mayhem. I have seen it from directions not many other people have. It has been said in many languages and cultures that we do not see the world as it is, but as we are. Having this unique history has certainly tinted the way I look at law, criminals, and justice. I am just one of many, however.

One of the reasons I got a criminal justice degree, worked in county probation, work with inmates, and write crime is because I am interested in the how and why, which is different in every case. It is also different from every point of view, which is why I am asking readers for their own personal true crime story.

The Woman Condemned is asking for YOUR personal stories. Have you been involved in a crime, as a victim, accomplice, perpetrator, or innocent bystander? Tell me about it. Send me an email at admin@thewomancondemned.com and if I use your story in a future blog post  you win a copy of my latest book Voices From Death Row, a true crime themed gift pack (which may have pens, notepads, mouse pads, and who knows what because it changes as I pick these little gems up here and there), and entrance into a raffle for tickets to 2019 Dark History and Convention in Illinois. Even if I don't use your story, you are still entered into the ticket drawing.

You can be anonymous if you'd like. Just share your story.

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