Sammantha Allen Suffocated Her 10 YO Cousin to Death in a Storage Box

I have put off writing about this case. Every time I begin to research it, I get very emotional. It has a weird effect on me. It is comparatively less gory than most things Ive told you about on this blog. Even so, it wrenches my heart. It reminds me of the murder of Sylvia Likens, which also made me sad for weeks. The death of poor Ame Deal isn't quite as gruesome as Sylvia's but it is no less cruel. It is certainly lo less tragic, meaningless, or sad. Both girls died at the hands of their caregivers after years of torture for no reason other than the lived.

Sammantha Allen, 29, was punishing her 10-year-old cousin Ame in 2011 for getting a popsicle without permission by putting her inside a small storage box. She suffocated to death in there. Sammantha left her there overnight during a heat wave. Temperatures reached triple digits in Phoenix, Arizona that night.

Climbing into that storage box was just the end to a horrific day for Ame. After taking the icy treat, Sammantha and her husband James made the girl do chores all day in the heat. Then forced her to fetch the box and get in. James padlocked her inside. The couple fell asleep. Ame slowly suffocated to death.

They found her dead body in the morning. By the time police came they'd decided to say she climbed inside during hide-and-seek and they couldn't find her. That story folded under interrogation, however. Authorities soon surmised the girl had been abused and killed as punishment. The family claimed she was a problem child who lied and stole frequently and they were using a form of tough love to stop the behavior. John Allen testified they had used the box as punishment before. All night, even, and Ame had survived. They claim they didn't mean to kill her. It was an accident.

Both Sammantha and James were given the death penalty. The actual guardian of Ame, Sammantha's mom, Cynthia Stolzman, was also convicted in the case. She is serving 24 years for child abuse. She wasn't there when they locked her in the bin, however, so it must've been for something else. Sammantha's grandmother and Cynthia's mother Judy Deal was sentenced to 10 years.


Matthew Perkins Triple Murder

The man who committed these murders recruited my daughter into the Army. We had quite a bit of contact with him at the time. Can you imagine my surprise when I found what he'd done? The whole town was surprised.

Learning about what he had been living with was a learning experience for me and still is. I had no idea the Army creates these killing machines. Breaks their brains and turns them into monsters, but does no repairs. Just send them back into the society. Its frightening.


Sinister Sisters - The Family That Slays Together Often Stays Together

Writing the article earlier this week about women who killed their own mothers made me wonder if there were any sisters who murdered together. A couple, like Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead and Sandra and Elizabeth Andersen, we discussed already but I found a few more you may not have heard about.

Delfina and María de Jesús González

These girls were some real gangsters. Guinness Book said they were the most prolific murder team of all time. Delfina and María de Jesús González, known as Las Poquianchis in the 1950s and ’60s, were sisters who ran a huge prostitution ring near the city of San Francisco del Rincón in Guanajuato, Mexico at Rancho El Angel. The sisters would regularly place job advertisements in the newspaper for new recruits but kidnap those who responded. The victims were tortured, sold into sexual slavery, and all too often murdered.

The girls were force-fed drugs after being kidnapped by the sisters and became addicted. They were sold to pimps and madams at cheap prices and treated like prisoners. If they disobeyed, became ill or pregnant, or lost appeal, they were murdered and buried on the premises.

In 1964, three of their victims escaped and alerted authorities. The police searched the grounds of Rancho El Angel and discovered the remains of more than 80 women, 11 men, and several fetuses. It was eventually revealed that the sisters were also responsible for the deaths of numerous migrant workers as well as wealthy customers in addition to their sex slaves.

The Gonzalez sisters briefly evaded police but were eventually captured and placed on trial for their murderous deeds. The sisters were found guilty and given a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison. Delfina died in jail, while Maria served her sentence and disappeared. At their trial, it was revealed that a large number of townspeople were connected with the crimes.

The Khachaturyan Sisters

 Aged 17, 18 and 19, these three Russian sisters killed their father for abusing them. Investigators believe the 17-year-old, Maria, stabbed him about 35 times while her sisters - Angelina (18) and Kristina (19) - struck his head repeatedly with a hammer and squirted pepper spray in his face. The sisters say he stopped them from studying, threatened them with weapons and kept them like slaves.

The 57-year-old, Mikhail had about 40 knife wounds. His body was lying in the hallway of an apartment block. Friends and neighbors claimed that Khachaturyan was a tyrannical father and husband, who had developed a heroin habit and reportedly had connections with the criminal underworld. Khachaturyan’s abusive behavior drove away his wife, the girls’ mother. Khachaturyan’s son, in his 20s, also lives away from home.

Left at home with the three girls, Mikhail fitted the family apartment with cameras to snoop on the girls while he was away, often forbidding them from going to school, and subjected them to beatings if they dared to disobey him. Khachaturyan would beat the girls savagely, but would avoid leaving visible bruises, lest anyone find out the extent of his abuse. However, his punishments were often more creatively sadistic than simple beatings.

Nicole and Misty Kornegay

Two sisters, Nicole and Misty Kornegay, 11-years-old and 15-years-old, were arrested in Florida and charged with the murder of their 16-year-old brother in 2015. The 15-year-old grabbed a handgun from her parents’ bedroom and fatally shot her brother sometime before 10 p.m. The 11-year-old helped in the crime. Both were charged with premeditated murder.

Officials learned of the killing after a police officer in nearby White Springs ran into the two girls, who told the officer that there had been a shooting at their home. The 15-year-old told the officer that her brother had beaten her up earlier in the day, and investigators believe that prompted the fatal shooting. Once investigations began, a sickening history of incest and abuse in the family became clear. An uncle was already in prison for molesting them and video taping it. Florida children’s services had been out before for the older brother, Damien, having sex with the girls.

Linda and Charlotte Mulhall

These sisters are a little older than the rest, but I wouldn’t want to piss either of them off. Linda and Charlotte Mulhall, 30 and 23, were cause of the most hotly covered murder cases in Ireland's history. The women killed and dismembered their mother's boyfriend, Farah Swaleh Noor, who they claim physically abused their mother. 

Newspapers divulged details of the sisters' troubled histories, which included prostitution, crime, and drug abuse. On the night of the murder, the sisters allegedly took ecstasy pills with their mother and the victim. An argument ensured. One sister hit him in the head with a hammer and the other stabbed him to death. Afterward, all three women dismembered him. They cut off his head and penis and burned it in a field and threw the rest in the river.

The police were notified when part of the victim's leg with a sock still on it was spotted floating down a river near Croke Park ten days later. It wasn’t long before police figured out who was responsible. Several books have been written about this case.

A court found Charlotte guilty of murder and Linda guilty of manslaughter, and gave them life and 15 years, respectively. Their father, John Mulhall, hanged himself in Dublin's Phoenix Park when he heard the verdict. 

Christine and Léa Papin

The Papin sisters are probably the more well-known of all on this list. They were live-in maids in 1930’s France. They murdered their employer’s wife and daughter. They had an abusive childhood and spent time in institutions. They kept to themselves and were only interested in each other. When the lady of the house fell into a deep depression and started regularly beating the girls, they decided to kill her. It happened one evening while the husband was away. The sisters set upon the wife, beating her with a hammer and a pot. They gouged her eyes out, which were later found in her scarf. When her adult daughter came to her rescue, they did the same to her. The police later found them naked in bed together.

The two girls were found guilty and Christine was sentenced to death. Léa was given the lesser sentence of ten years imprisonment because it was thought she was retarded and just doing what her sister told her. Christine's death sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment, which was common in the case of women. While in prison, she showed acute signs of madness and an intense longing for her sister. Christine became severely depressed, and frequently refused to eat. She was transferred to a mental asylum at Rennes, where she died of cachexia ("wasting away") on 18 May, 1937. Léa Papin was released from prison in 1943, her sentence having been reduced to eight years because of good behaviour. She then lived in the town of Nantes, where she was joined by her mother and earned her livelihood as a hotel maid by assuming a fake identity.[4] She was believed to have died in 1982, but this was questioned in 2000 by the French filmmaker Claude Ventura, who made a documentary film, En Quête des Soeurs Papin (In Search of the Papin Sisters), in which he claimed to have found Léa alive in a hospice in France. She was partly paralyzed as the result of a stroke and could not speak, although she was shown in the film. Ventura's film claimed that Léa died in 2001.


The Most Beautiful Girls to Ever Kill Their Own Mother

As human beings, we have trouble fathoming the idea of a young girl committing so atrocious a crime as murder. Much less, the murder of her own mother. The concept becomes even more inconceivable when it pertains to a beautiful young woman with a loving family and the world at her fingertips.

Nakisha Waddell
At age 14, Nakisha Waddell stabbed her mother, Vaughne Thomas, 43 times in their Virginia home. In court, she said she was tired of the years of fighting and just exploded. Her 15-year-old friend, Annie Belcher, helped her dig a grave in the backyard. The pair poured alcohol and nail polish remover on the dead woman and tried to ignite her to no avail. They eventually mixed a crude concrete mixture and poured it on top of her and finished by covering her with sticks, leaves, and yard debris. She gives no reason or excuse other than she was mad from their various arguments. She was sentenced to 70 years in the penitentiary.  Here is her ad in Meet an Inmate dating site.

Jasmine Richardson went from a fresh-faced pre-teen to a violent goth who slashed her own eight-year-old brother’s throat. Picture: MySpaceJasmine Richardson

Twelve-year-old Canadian Jasmine Richardson killed her parents, Debra and Marc Richardson, and her little brother with the help of Jeremy Steinkeher, her 23-year-old boyfriend, on April 23rd, 2006. They met at a concert, but her parents would have none of it. They forbid his presence in her life. Evidence from a Windows Live account presented in trial showed Jasmine saying she had a plan to kill her family and live with Jeremy. A few months later the pair killed her entire family and ran away together. They were caught a short time later. She confessed saying she slit her own brother Jacob’s throat and waited while Jeremy killed the rest of her family. She said she did it to be closer to Jeremy. In June 2007, Jasmine Richardson went on trial for three counts of first-degree murder. She was found guilty on all and sentenced to 10 years in jail, the maximum amount allowed by Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act. In 2008, Steinke was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to three concurrent life sentences, with an earliest parole date of 25 years. Jasmine has since been released and lives under an assumed name.

Esmie Tseng

Esmie was the child of strict Chinese immigrants who abused her to excellence. She was allowed little free time and her mother governed her every move. She snapped on August 19, 2005, and stabbed her mother, Shuyi Zhang, repeatedly during a violent fight that tumbled through most of the house in a quiet Kansas neighborhood. Esmie was a highly talented pianist and high school honor student. Although the state attempted to try her as an adult, she was tried as a juvenile. The court sentenced her to eight years. She was released in 2012.

Sarah Johnson

Sixteen-year-old Sarah shot both of her parents, Alan and Diana Johnson, in their Idaho home in 2003. She called 911 from the neighbor’s phone reporting an intruder had killed her parents. Sarah and her parents had been fighting over her 19-year-old boyfriend, Bruno Santos, who had Mexican drug cartel connections. Sarah told police she awoke to hear gunshots and found her parents dead, but they found a pink bathrobe and latex glove in the outside trash which connected her. The jury found Sarah Johnson guilty on two counts of murder in the first degree. She was sentenced to two life prison terms, plus 15 years, without the possibility of parole. She was fined $10,000, of which $5,000 was allocated to go to her half-brother, Matt Johnson.

Sandra and Elizabeth Anderson

Canadian sisters, Sandra and Elizabeth Anderson plotted and carried out the murder of their mother Linda Anderson in 2003. Although the crime is very real, the names of all involved have been changed because the girls were under 18 when they committed the crime. They had friends who were going to Europe. They had swimming pools, and trendy clothes. Sandra and Elizabeth felt their mother drank away all the money that could be used to their benefit. They were constantly disappointed in her habit of losing jobs and moving them around a lot. Fed up, they decided to kill her and collect insurance money they would use to live a better life. One January day in 2003, the sisters started getting Linda drunk early, plying her all day with pills and cocktails. As evening drew near, they ran her a bubble bath and helped her in. One sister relaxed her with a massage and the other shoved her head under the water and sat on her until she died. Then they left and went out to eat with their friends to celebrate their murderous success. Afterward, they went home and called 911, explaining they had just found their mom dead in the tub. Authorities initially believed the girls, especially after an autopsy came back with drowning as the cause of death with high levels of alcohol. They may have gotten away with it had a young man they bragged to not went to the police. Cops gave him a wired-up car and he had both sisters confess inside for all to hear. They were arrested and sentenced to ten years each. They were released in 2009 and 2010. Their real identities remain hidden.

Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead

Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah Whitehead are 16-year-old twins who killed their mother, Jarmecca Yvonne "Nikki" Whitehead in January 2000. The twins were primarily raised by their grandmother. Their mother was only a sporadic presence in their lives. In 2007, the girls turned 13 and their mother requested custody. The twins did not get along with their mother and resented her attempts to punish them. When she was awarded custody, the girls were angry. On May 21rst, 2010, the twins attacked their mother beating, stabbing, and biting her until she was dead. They called police and said they found her like that. It took four months for police to implicate them in the murder with help from DNA tests. Both girls plead guilty. They were convicted of voluntary manslaughter in January of 2015 and sentenced to 30 years each in separate prisons. In 2015, Arrendale State Prison had its first charter high school graduation. Jasmiyah received her high school diploma and was class valedictorian. 

 Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards, along with her boyfriend Lucas Markham, both 14, killed her mother, Elizabeth and her 13-year-old sister Katie in 2016. They are said to be Britain’s youngest murderers. Police believe the motivation was not a star-crossed-lovers-kept-apart deal, but that Kim was jealous of the close bond between her mom and little sister. Once she met Lucas, the two became inseparable and it was just one more problem between the mom and daughter. She complained to him about how miserable she was in her home and how her mom and sister did not love her. They decided to cut their throats in their sleep. She let him in the house through a window late one night. He pulled a knife out of the bag full he’d brought with him and stabbed Elizabeth in the throat eight times before going into Katie's room and stabbing her. They hung out in the house for 36 hours. They ate, watched the Twilight movies, and snuggled until the cops broke in through a downstairs window. They were sentenced to 20 years each in 2017.

Dr. I Kathleen Hagen

Kathleen Hagen was an accomplished woman. She was driven to accept nothing but success in an attempt to please her parents who were unusually mentally cruel to her all her life. Nothing she accomplished was good enough. They insulted and disparaged her when she attended Harvard Business School at a time when it was unheard of for a woman. They were unimpressed when she became the first female urology resident at Massachusetts General Hospital and the head of urology at Rutgers. She developed a mental issue in early adulthood that plagued her throughout her life. At age 53, her life had fallen apart. She was divorced, unemployed, mentally ill, and homeless in 1999 so she moved back in with her parents in New Jersey. She set up house in the basement and became a recluse. She rarely bathed or came out of the house. Her mother’s 92nd birthday rolled around and when Kathleen offered to make her a cake, her mother told her she didn’t want anything from her and would throw it in the floor. Authorities believe this is when her mind began to crack. Several days later, she smothered them both in their sleep. Later, she said she heard voices and thought she was transporting her parents to a place where they would finally love her. A week after the murders, on August 26th, 2000, she returned to her rational self and realized what she had done. She called the police and confessed. She was found to be insane at the time of the murders and incarcerated in a mental hospital for six years before she was released.  

 Erika de Nardo

Erika de Nardo, 16-years-old, rocked the entire country of Italy with her mother murdering antics. She and her boyfriend, 17-year-old, Omar Favaro, stabbed her mother, Susy, and younger brother, Gianluca, more than 97 times. They had planned to kill her father as well, but he had left to play football with his friends. Erika had been arguing with her parents about the average teen-years drama; bad grades, boyfriends etc. One evening, Erika instigated an argument with her mother over grades. Once the argument became physical, Omar sprung from the bathroom and helped Erika stab her mother to death. They then went upstairs and stabbed her brother to death. After the carnage, Erika ran to a neighbor’s home and banged on the door. She told police later that she had come home to find two men murdering her family who quickly ran off. She described them as appearing to be illegal Slavic immigrants which incited the entire country into riots against the Slavs and Albanian immigrants. Police arrested both teens, however, when Erika’s story started to contradict itself and police recorded the young couple discussing the murder while alone in an interrogation room. She was sentenced to 16-years, and him to life. 

Lisa Borch           

Fifteen-year-old Danish Lisa Borch stabbed her mother more than 20 times in October 2014 in Kvissel, Denmark. She was in a romantic relationship with 29-year-old Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, a radical Muslim extremist. The two obsessively watched beheading videos from ISIS before they stabbed Tina Römer Holtegaard to death. Before Abdulle, Lisa had been involved with a married man. When he left her to go back to his family, she fell into a depression and that’s when she met Abdulla at a refugee center. Her relationship with her mother had been worsening to the point that her twin sister moved out, unable to stand the bickering between Lisa and her mom. Tina wanted Lisa to stop seeing Abdulla and live a normal life but the two planned to kill her and run away to join ISIS. After several hours of the decapitating videos, they rushed into Tina’s room and overtook her. Lisa called the police saying she heard her mother screaming and witnessed a man running away from the house. They arrived to find Lisa sitting calmly playing with her computer. When they asked her where her mother was, she simply pointed upstairs and continued using her computer. Abdulla was gone, but investigators found his fingerprints in Tina’s bedroom. She received a nine-year sentence, the longest ever given to a teen girl in Denmark.

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