Three Different Women - Three Different Reasons

As I was looking for something to post tonight I saw that several women have been sentenced to life in prison all across the country recently. So many states are repealing their death penalty laws or just tossing it out all-together that you don't see a lot of death sentences unless were talking Texas, California, or Florida. They like to kill folks around them places. California making some big moves lately though with that handsome Gov. I thought it might interest you true crime aficionados to know some of the women who went behind bars forever this year.

Vanessa Cameron

Vanessa came up with a murder-for-hire scheme in San Antonio, Texas, that got her ex-boyfriend killed. Samuel Johnson was found shot to death on Jan. 13, 2010 in a cemetery on the east side of the city four days after he'd went missing. He'd been on his way to meet with Vanessa over some child support money. The state accused her of shooting him for his insurance money. She is the mother of his one-year-old child. She was found guilty and sentenced to 70 years but got off on a technicality. She was retried and found guilty in March of 2019.

                                                 Veronica Green Posey

Veronica weighs over 300 lbs. She still thought it was a good idea to sit on her 9-year-old cousin, Dericka, as a punishment. She'd first hit her with metal pipe and then a ruler, before sitting on her for more than five minutes. The girl complained she couldn't breathe but Veronica waited a few more minutes before getting up to find the girl bruised and not breathing. She was sentenced to life in Pensacola, Florida in March.

Maria Meisner and Celia Schwab

Maria Meisner became friends with the caretaker of her neighbor, Kathryn Breen, Celia Schwab She would go to her apartment and keep her company while she took care of the charge. Breen and Schwab did not get along. Maria sided with her fiend and felt the older woman was abusive. They plotted her death and set their own apartments on fore to kill her. She was sentenced to life in prison for the 2016 fire.

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Joanna Dennehy and the Big Surprise

My new book for RJ Parker Publishing is going to come out in May. If all goes as planned.

Shit. I think I just jinxed myself.
Did I?

Anyway, in research for this book I was looking into the town where she committed her crimes and other places associated with her victims and the crimes. I found the story of a woman who did something very similar in the same area circa 1600's. Katherine Ferrers, AKA The Wicked Lady, was a socialite by day but at night she dressed as a man and robbed people as they travelled.

She didn't do it for fun. Well, as far as we can tell now historically. She had it pretty tough. Parliament was taking everyone's property so her parents married her off to another rich family to save what little they could before the government took it. Sadly, they turned out to be assholes and took off with just about everything her family owned. She was left with her home and just a bit of property.

Legend has it that she turned to highway robbery to save what little she had after her parents died. Part of the legend is that she lived alone for a while but soon met a neighboring farmer named Ralph Chaplin, who was the impetus behind her turn to criminality. Others say he never existed and she did it all on her own. There is no historical proof of his ever having lived.

From Wiki:
The unknown circumstances of Katherine's early death have fuelled speculation. The persistent rumour is that she was shot as a highwayman on Nomansland Common in Wheathampstead, and died of her wounds while trying to ride back to a secret staircase entry at Markyate Cell. Her body was supposedly discovered wearing men's clothing before her servants recovered it and carried her home to be buried. Markyate Cell was built on the site of a 12th-century Benedictine Priory and takes its name from a cell, or smaller structure, that served the monastery. It was converted at great expense into a manor house in 1540, and then rebuilt in 1908 after a fire. When a secret chamber was discovered by workmen in the 1800s behind a false wall next to a chimney stack, it gave new life to the legend. However, there is a serious inconsistency in this story as there is no record of Katherine ever having lived in Markyate Cell, as it was leased to tenants after her father's death. The property, which is not especially close to Nomansland Common, had actually been sold five years earlier.
Apart from robbery, a catalogue of mayhem in the area was later attributed to Katherine that included burning houses, slaughtering livestock, even killing a constable or other officer of the law. Much of the supposed activity might be blamed on bands of brigands and the unrest relating to the Civil War, and there is no confirmation as to whether the mayhem and robberies in the area ceased with Katherine's death.

How crazy, huh?

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Tria Evans & Christina Towell - Kansas murderess

Joel Wales was found dead inside his burning home in 2017. An autopsy showed he'd been shot six times before the fire. Tria Evans, his baby momma and ex GF was found to be the murderer along with the help of her friend Christina Towell.

New reports and court testimony show Evans as a jealous, stalking nut job. How much of that is true, we may never know. We do know that she plotted his death for months and involved Towell as a conspirator and driver.

Evans had long complained to friends and relatives that her on again off again boyfriend, Joel, was
abusive. Although they had a daughter together, the couple had never lived together. They weren't even romantically entangled at the time of his murder while he was house sitting at his mothers house in November of 2017. She was sentenced to life this week.

Police believe either she or Christina Towell ran into the house, shot Joel six times, poured gas about the house and set it ablaze. Witnesses report hearing the gun shots and seeing an unidentifiable female running from the home moments before it became engulfed in flames. GPS links Towell's car from Evans home to the murder scene. She plead guilty this week and will be sentenced April 18th.


Serial Killers Say

I have a few updates for you guys and an announcement or two.

I received a very fat letter from Morgan Smith about a week ago. She answered the questionnaire I send all inmates. It has questions about their lives in prison and the facility itself. I asked her about how she met Daryl and how she got involved in the sex slave life. Quite a story. Its probably a rather average progression of events as such things go, but this time it ended with murder. Morgan told me she was working as a dancer when she met Daryl who was a customer and friend of the owner. Ill be creating an independent post about the letter next week as well as posting the letter itself on the Patreon page in April.

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While we're on the subject of Morgan, I got an email from a woman who said she shared a cell with Morgan before her trial. She shared some information about how Morgan was treated while staying there in the medical ward on suicide watch. She's tried to contact the appellate attorney with this information she feels could be helpful in her case but they refused to discuss the case with her.

Very surprisingly, out of the clear blue sky, I got an email from Emilia Carr of Florida's death row. She said she just popped in to tell me Jesus loves me and wrote a page of Christian dialogue. She signed off saying she and God both loved me very much.

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know we are running a little contest in April. Its very simple. The person who makes the most comments on recent posts during the month of April receives an Amazon gift card and some other cool goodies. Details will come later in the month so get your posting finger ready. You got this!


Karina M. Rafter Shot her Hubs in POWHATAN, VA Two Years Ago. They Just Charged Her and Shes Out on Bond

Woman charged in Powhatan death investigation This one took a while to come around.  Karina Rafter, 43, was charged with first-degree murder and using a firearm in the Dec. 9, 2016, murder of John R. Rafter Jr., 48, who died of a shotgun wound to his head. He was discovered by his teen son, after the boy woke up that morning in the family home in the 2100 block of Flint Hill Road. The boy called police and deputies responded at 8:45 a.m., finding Rafter’s body in his bedroom.

A shotgun was found near the body.

At the time, Rafter was married but separated from his wife, Karina, who was living in Chesterfield County. She was a person of interest in the case from the start of the investigation.

John Rafter worked as a senior support specialist for Capital One and had filed for divorce from his wife on July 13, 2016. A trial date on the matter was to have been set Dec. 13, four days after Rafter's murder.

In his divorce petition, he alleged that his wife had a history of alcoholism and had physically assaulted both of their children — then ages 12 and 13 — while intoxicated when he was away on a business trip on June 22-23, 2015.

She went away to treatment and returned home but nothing really changed. There were a lot of drunken fights reported to the police. They were in the middle of a custody battle for full custody when he was killed.

They arrested her last week but she's currently out on bond with an ankle bracelet. 


Daycare Murders

Is there anything more vile than a group of adults joining together to dole out and hide abuse against children? Especially when they are adults who have been specifically trusted with the welfare of kids. Healthcare workers, daycare staff, babysitters, and nannies - people we trust with all our heart to love and nourish them just as we would, seem to deliver a double tragedy when they are the ones who harm our babies.

I was looking through todays news stories for something to post. Finding bad girls, or those accused of badness, isn't as hard as some may think. Although there are plenty every morning, most kill for love or money, some for mental illness such as PPD or Munchausen by proxy.

I present to you today, casual crime reader, with cases of daycare abuse and murder. I found several in todays headlines, including one featuring an 11-year-old babysitter in Maryland who just last week killed a one year old relative.

Back in November, a 10-year-old Minnesota girl killed an infant in her care. She's been charged as an adult.
She claims to have panicked after dropping him, then smashing his head when he wouldn't stop crying.

These oh-so-young babysitter scenarios are almost understandable. Not so much understandable, but we can see how it might occur. It is those situations where trusted adults willfully harm infants and small children that are the most heart wrenching for me.

A second daycare worker, Ariana Silver, in Missouri has now been arrested in multiple abuse claims in Pine Lawn. Surveillance cameras show Silver, and another woman, throwing children into furniture. She was charged Thursday.

  Jessica Wiese has eight counts of child abuse against her stemming from an incident at a McKinney, Texas daycare.
The incidents include a 7-month-old with a broken arm and video of Wiese hitting an infant repeatedly in the head. Wiese was arrested in December after video from inside the school recorded her slamming a 5-month-old baby onto a table. There’s also video of the infant room worker grabbing a 2-month-old by his legs and shaking him up and down and Wiese forcefully slamming a toddler into a table.Wiese was a registered nurse who lost her license due to drug abuse.

That's just today, you guys. I'm sure, if I'd dug further there would have been more. What is happening in our daycare facilities. Is there anything we can do to ensure our children's safety?

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Morgan Smith Updates and an Olay Skin Care Regime

Olay sent me some products to share online so I thought Id use the time to slide in an update on a letter I got from Morgan Smith with some interesting stuff in it. Please comment here, and give the video a thumbs up on YouTube, Subscribe so you don't miss a video.

Morgan told me about more than just the first meeting between her a Daryl. She detailed her interest in being his slave and why it still to this day means something to her. I find Morgan to be believable and the things she says rings true compared to similar cases Ive seen.
I don't think she meant to kill anyone. This is a case where emotions and feeling important to someone controlled everything. And when I say CONTROLLED, DAMN!

She talks in detail about why she liked being his slave and what it meant to her. She explains the thrill she gets from sitting at his feet and obeying his every command. The letter is part of the rewards my readers get at Patreon. Check it out. There is some exclusive content there as well.

Alyssa Bustamante Update