Morgan Smith Updates and an Olay Skin Care Regime

Olay sent me some products to share online so I thought Id use the time to slide in an update on a letter I got from Morgan Smith with some interesting stuff in it. Please comment here, and give the video a thumbs up on YouTube, Subscribe so you don't miss a video.

Morgan told me about more than just the first meeting between her a Daryl. She detailed her interest in being his slave and why it still to this day means something to her. I find Morgan to be believable and the things she says rings true compared to similar cases Ive seen.
I don't think she meant to kill anyone. This is a case where emotions and feeling important to someone controlled everything. And when I say CONTROLLED, DAMN!

She talks in detail about why she liked being his slave and what it meant to her. She explains the thrill she gets from sitting at his feet and obeying his every command. The letter is part of the rewards my readers get at Patreon. Check it out. There is some exclusive content there as well.

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