Jamie Silvonek New Information

Jamie Silvonek is the Pennsylvania teen that conspired with her older boyfriend to murder her mother. I was looking for something recent to tell me what shed been up to since the trial. I could find nothing really relevant to her specifically. I did see where her boyfriend, Army Spc. Caleb Barnes of El Paso, Texas was found guilty of first degree murder in 2016. He was accused of killing Cheryl Silvonek in March 2015 in Pennsylvania. Her now-18-year-old daughter, Jamie, pleaded guilty and is serving 35 years to life. Jamie Silvonek, testified for the defense and described how Barnes slit her mother's throat. Both of them escaped the death penalty.

The only thing you could consider recent is this March 2018 article Jamie wrote for The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange  titled; We Women With Long Sentences Still Keep Hope Alive. She talks about her guilt and looking for redemption. She also talks about her higher chances of getting a commutation. Interesting read.

Jaime Silvonek (headshot), smiling teenager with light brown hair, pink jacket.
Jamie and her father, David.

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