Laura Messick Got Life for Killing her Army Vet BF when he made her Leave a Bar

On June 10, 2017, 40-year-old Chason Montez-DeOca was killed by his 31-year-old girlfriends, Laura Messick. She had a long and colorful criminal history already, including a 2015 arrest for DUI with children in the car along with a pistol and some cocaine.

Laura claimed self-defense. They were having an argument because he had retrieved her from a local bar and made her come home. According to her own testimony, she shot him through the chest and then slashed his throat in an effort to ensure his death. Prosecutors claimed it was not self defense because the bullet went through his outstretched palm first.

Once arrested, Laura told her cellmate what she had done and she later testified against her. Chason was an Army vet and his surviving family members are friends with the cellmates family. Some believe there is reason to doubt her testimony.

Laura asked her judge instead of her jury to decide her punishment when she was found guilty. She received a life sentence, which is what the victims mother and brother wanted. She is eligible for parole after serving at least half her sentence.

Something tells me this girl is going to be right at home in prison and not bat an eye at this lengthy sentence.

Thank you, as always to Neva and Mike and everyone who helped put this piece together and supports Woman Condemned.


The Murder of Jennifer Daugherty

Thank you, as always to Neva and Mike and everyone who helped put this piece together and supports Woman Condemned.

This is one of those cases like the Christian/Newsom Knoxville, Tennessee murders. By that, I mean that it is so horrific I cannot fathom how it hasn't been picked up by a major network or media outlet. Jennifer Daugherty was killed in 2010 by 17-year-old Angela Marinucci, a jealous roommate.

I wrote about this case way back in 2015, and she had been convicted and given a life sentence but her age was causing some of her supporters to remind the state that people her age cannot be given such a harsh sentence, regardless of what they've done. This case has since come to be known as the Greensburg 6.

What Angela did, however, is so heinous it is hard to fathom someone so young could have committed so foul an act. Actually, many acts. Days worth of vile torture no normal person, much less a teenager, could dream up to do to each other. Over a boy no-less.

Jennifer was mentally disabled. Her mental capacity was said to be that of a 12 - 14 year old. She trusted everyone. She believed everyone was her friend. Especially those who killed her in her own Pennsylvania home in February of 2010. 

Although Angela was the youngest of the group who lived in the home, she was, by all accounts, even her own, the ringleader. The others who joined in the torture and murder were Robert Loren Masters, Jr., age 36, Ricky Smyrnes, 23, Melvin Knight, 20, Peggy Darlene Miller, 27, and Amber Meidinger, 20. The prosecution was seeking the death penalty for Smyrnes, Knight and Meidinger.

The whole disgusting debacle started when Jennifer got flirty with Ricky Smyrnes. He was dating Angela at the time and she got pretty upset about it. She talked Amber, who was pregnant with Melvin Knight's baby, into getting upset about it too and the two of them attacked Jennifer, beating her head against a bathroom wall.

We will never really know the truth, but several taped confessions were played during their various trials. In Ricky Smyrnes confession he says he was in love with Jennifer and not Angela. It was him that Jennifer had rode the bus for several miles to visit. In Knights confession, he says after Angela and Amber began beating Jennifer, they all joined in. Smyrnes says he only did it because Knight would have killed him if not.

Knight laughed in court when he heard himself confess on tape. He listened raptly to his own voice describe how they tied Jennifer up and beat her with anything they found around the house. They stomped on her chest and stomach over and again. They forced her to eat feces and urine from the girls mixed with oil and soap. It is unclear what part Peggy Miller and Robert Masters played.

Melvin Knight and Ricky Smyrnes were given death sentences.
Angela Marinucci was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to LWOP. Prosecutors said the death penalty was not an option for Marinucci because she was 17 at the time of the murder.

Amber Meidinger was sentenced to 40 to 80 years in prison after pleading guilty to third-degree murder, kidnapping and conspiracy. She accepted a plea deal which included giving testimony against some of the other suspects.

When they finally decided to kill her, Ricky went into the kitchen for a knife but both he and Melvin blame each other for the stabbings. Angela is said to have screamed "Is she dead yet? I just want her dead." Once they killed her, they covered her body in Christmas decorations and dumped it in a school garbage dumpster.


Tiffany Moss Starved her 10 YO Stepdaughter & Her Father Knew

These cases are so hard to investigate. They suck at every turn. You want to be mad every stroke of the keyboard. The sheer gall of this woman and how she sat so emotionless at her sentencing just chaffs my fanny.

Tiffany was sentenced to death this last April 2019 for the intentional starving of her step-daughter Emani, who weighed only 32 lbs. the night she died in a mass of her own waste and filth. She never batted an eye or swept away a single errant hair. Stone cold.

She had represented herself in court. She gave no opening or closing statements. The only thing she did say was that she hoped God would see her through this phase of her life. Her husband had already plead guilty in 2015 and received a sentence of life without parole.

Eman Moss, Emani's father, plead guilty to receive a life sentence.

Poor Emani seemed doomed from the start when she was born to an addicted mom in 2003. She did have a grandmother and aunt, Robin and Sharonneice, who tried to love and care for her. Her father was their for her too.

Emon met Tiffany at church in 20017 and they were married by 2009. No one ever suspected she had any problem with Emani. Only a year after their wedding, however, she began to beat her regularly. Emani went to live with her grandmother.

The state returned her to her father and stepmother six months later and the girl repeatedly ran away. In 2013, they made it known to the state their intentions to homeschool her. Her slow death began then. Police say she Tiffany just stopped feeding her. She chained her in the bedroom and never let her out again.

Eventually she starved away to nothing. When they found her dead, they attempted to burn her body. Jury heard the stages of horror that small Emani endured in the two weeks it took her to die. First the hunger pains and cravings for food. The lethargy and weakness followed by hallucinations, restlessness, and confusion before finally losing consciousness and dying.

Tiffany called Eman at work and told him his daughter was dead. He sort of saw it coming, telling the court hed seen her in the bathtub shivering and seizing a day before. When asked why he didn't cll the police he said he couldn't explain it. He just felt that she was beyond help.

Tiffany Moss is the only woman on Georgia's death row.

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