Tiffany Moss Starved her 10 YO Stepdaughter & Her Father Knew

These cases are so hard to investigate. They suck at every turn. You want to be mad every stroke of the keyboard. The sheer gall of this woman and how she sat so emotionless at her sentencing just chaffs my fanny.

Tiffany was sentenced to death this last April 2019 for the intentional starving of her step-daughter Emani, who weighed only 32 lbs. the night she died in a mass of her own waste and filth. She never batted an eye or swept away a single errant hair. Stone cold.

She had represented herself in court. She gave no opening or closing statements. The only thing she did say was that she hoped God would see her through this phase of her life. Her husband had already plead guilty in 2015 and received a sentence of life without parole.

Eman Moss, Emani's father, plead guilty to receive a life sentence.

Poor Emani seemed doomed from the start when she was born to an addicted mom in 2003. She did have a grandmother and aunt, Robin and Sharonneice, who tried to love and care for her. Her father was their for her too.

Emon met Tiffany at church in 20017 and they were married by 2009. No one ever suspected she had any problem with Emani. Only a year after their wedding, however, she began to beat her regularly. Emani went to live with her grandmother.

The state returned her to her father and stepmother six months later and the girl repeatedly ran away. In 2013, they made it known to the state their intentions to homeschool her. Her slow death began then. Police say she Tiffany just stopped feeding her. She chained her in the bedroom and never let her out again.

Eventually she starved away to nothing. When they found her dead, they attempted to burn her body. Jury heard the stages of horror that small Emani endured in the two weeks it took her to die. First the hunger pains and cravings for food. The lethargy and weakness followed by hallucinations, restlessness, and confusion before finally losing consciousness and dying.

Tiffany called Eman at work and told him his daughter was dead. He sort of saw it coming, telling the court hed seen her in the bathtub shivering and seizing a day before. When asked why he didn't cll the police he said he couldn't explain it. He just felt that she was beyond help.

Tiffany Moss is the only woman on Georgia's death row.

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