Catherine Goins Murdered for a New Born

Left, Catherine. Right, Natalie
I had six kids. I was a rural mom with limited funds in my early days and even so, I have trouble relating to these stories of moms meeting up with complete strangers to get baby clothes or swings or cribs. They end up murdered by crazy women who can't have children. Or crazy women who want someone elses kid. This weird phenomenon is even more prevelent today, but still you hear about women doing this. Don't do this pregnant readers. Do not meet total strangers in the hopes of a good deal. Just go to Good Will or Dollar General. Try yard sales. If you must try your luck, take someone with you. Don't make it easy to become a victim.

Catherine Goins was living a lie. She had told people she was pregnant but wasn't. It was getting close to time to fess up or come up with a newborn. Something happens to the minds of these women who pull this stunt. The women who claim to be pregnant but are not just to keep a man or to hold together some fantasy life are suffering from some sort of psychosis. All to often it progresses to murder. Catherine had even been wearing a prosthetic baby belly.

When she got desperate she decided to run an ad in the paper offering to give away extra baby cothes.
Thirty-year-old Natalie Roberts answered the ad. Catherine had a spare key to a friends house with a basement. When Natalie arrived, she had her 3-year-old and her newborn with her. Catherine lured her into the basement where she shot her in the back of the head. Catherine called the homeowner and told him she'd shot an intruder. Claiming she was afraid to call the police, she jumped in Natalie's vehicle and took off with her two children.  Her friend talked her into coming back.

Police arrived and Catherine told them she shot an intruder with she was arrested five days later. Eventually, she was sentenced to LWOP.

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