Teresa Stone and Brother Love Made Love and Murder in Missouri

I was in Missouri last week filming an episode of Killer Affair to air on the OWN network. We discussed the case of Teresa Stone and her pastor Brother Love and their affair. It ended in the murder of Randy Stone, Teresa's husband. Teresa is now out of prison but Brother Love is still in with a life sentence. He had also planned to kill his own wife later.

I had a wonderful time other than my phone being stolen at BNA Nashville and throwing me into a PTSD situation. I couldn't find my car to the hotel and got lost in Kansas City. The absolute worst fear I always have every single time I head out on these trips finally happened to me.

People were so, so rude to me. NOTHING LIKE NASHVILLE. Everyone is nice in Nashville. I had a bad experience with the desk people at the very swanky K.C. hotel they put me up in. She was more interested in waiting on the drunk dudes at the next desk than a old lady in distress. I got a feeling I'll be writing about her one day.

The filming experience and the production company was more than amazing. They were all so warm and engaging it was easy to fall into the story and relate to them. They were just as worried about me as I was. Which was comforting.

Me! On the set of Killer Affair.

Check out the story on Teresa. Its interesting stuff. Just search it out and you'll find the whole sorted tale. This episode of Killer Affair isnt finished just yet but Ill keep you posted. For more details, pictures, and other random treats become a Patron of The Woman Condemned. Thanks to Neva and Mike for their support.

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