16 YO Jennie Bunsom Killed her 7 YO Nephew Hid Him in Her room for a Day

In early August of 2018, in Montebello, Colorado, Jennie was at home with her nephew Jordan. She had a fight with her girlfriend on the phone and became agitated. Jordan came into the room and asked to play video games. Jennie refused and ordered him out of her room. He refused, climbing onto the bed with her. She pushed him off the bed where he hit his face and head on a piece of furniture and began to cry.

Jennie's Statement

Jennie pounced on Jordan, the day after her 16th birthday, and in an effort to subdue his wails she covered his mouth with one hand and pinched his nose closed with the other. She reports that he struggled for only a few seconds before stopping all movement.

According to Jennie, she called her girlfriend who told her to hide the body. Reporters tracked down the girlfriend who denies this allegation. At any rate, Jenni wrapped Jordan in a sheet and shoved him in a portable closet in her bedroom. Jordan was reported missing.

Police began an extensive search of the area. They searched the home several times as well as the neighborhood but finally requested a search warrant for a thorough search. They found Jordan and Jennie was arrested and charged as an adult. In December 2018, her trial was delayed as her attorneys attempted to get her back in juvenile court.

Her new court date was scheduled for this past May 20th but I've found no new info on if she was charged as an adult.

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