Top Ten Articles on Women and Mass Murder

Here are some great articles I found about female rampage and mass murder killers. Let me know what you think. which one is the best?

A Brief History of Female Rampage Killers on Vice

Eight Sensational Female Murderers on MentalFloss

Mass Shooting Statistics Since 1982 by Gender on Statistica

Female Murderers are Unpredictable on Bustle

Famous Female Serial Killers on Ranker

Case Study of a Female Mass Murderer (PDF) from the Journal of Forensic Science

Women Don't do Mass SHootings. Its Mostly Young White Men from Above the Law

How often are US mass shootings carried out by female attackers? on The Guardian

What Female Mass Shooters Reveal About Male Ones on The Daily Beast

Wife in San Bernardino Shooting Joins Small List of Women Mass Killers on NBC News

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