Tiffany Moss, GA's Only Female Death Row Inmate

In 2013, 10-year-old Emani Moss was found inside a trash bag at her apartment complex. She had been burned to death after dying of starvation at the hands of her father Eman and her step-mother Tiffany.

Eman was given life. Tiffany received a death sentence.
I wrote about this case before, if you want a little more background info, check here.

The abuse Emani was going through had been repeatedly reported. Teachers had seen bruising and cuts. There was blood in her underwear when she was only three. Although children's services checked on her nothing was ever done. Tiffany had once been jailed for abusing Emani but she was put back in her custody.

Eman worked most of the time. He said in court that Tiffany would send him text messages telling him Emani pooped and smeared it on the walls or put it in her food. He said he believed her. Starvation was a form of punishment but when Tiffany was gone, Emani had the kids and she ate.

For days she went downhill though. Losing weight and becoming weak. He came home from work one day and she was having a seizure in the bath. He tried to spoon-feed her for days but it didn't help. He came home from work a week later and she was dead. 32 lbs. Laid ono a blanket in the bedroom.

Claims to have tried to call 911 but Tiffany refused. They kept the body around a few days before deciding to burn it. They put it in a metal trashcan but it doesn't fully burn. Her father rides around with her remains in his truck for several days before calling the cops on his own at work.

When Tiffany found out she tried to run but was caught.

She served as her own lawyer in court, but has now changed her mind and wants a new trial after being sentenced to death in April 2019.

Kelly Gissendaner was the only female death row inmate in Georgia but she was executed.

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