Alissa Bickett Brutally Murdered Her Mother-in-Law

Alissa, her husband Drake, and their roommate Annie Rael, stopped paying rent in the home they were renting from Drake's mom, 65-year-old Marilyn Gandert. After 6 months of nonpayment, she had them legally evicted. Three days later they killed her.

I found Alissa's LinkedIn profile and her Facebook profile.

Deputies discovered Gandert's badly burned body on a secluded road in Sandoval County. An autopsy showed she had been beaten and stabbed. Albuquerque Police believe Alissa and Annie beat and stabbed Gandert to death in January 2018 before taking her body to the mesa west of Rio Rancho and setting it on fire.

Mrs. Gandert was a well-known and loved mail carrier. When she had been MIA for two days, her brother filed a missing person report. Police obtained a search warrant for the home the three shared together and Rael's truck where they found blood evidence.

Bickett pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. She also pleaded to two counts of tampering with evidence. Annie Rael, Bickett's roommate at the time, received a sentence of 12 years in a plea deal.

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