Janiecia Briggs Shot a Woman After a Bar Fight

Janiecia when first arrested
I received a letter from Ms. Janiecia Briggs in September. I am not familiar with her and didn't reach out to her, so I was curious. Noticing her return address was from Homestead Correctional Institute, I did assume she got my info from Morgan Smith, "The Sex Slave Murderess". Not sure though.

Janiecia was 23 in March 2015 when she went out for the night with some friends, including Curtia Reed, to the Elks Pride of St. Lucie No. 1189 in the 2400 block of Avenue M in Fort Pierce, Florida. An argument between a group of girls and the crew Janiecia and Curtia were with broke out, and they were all thrown out of the bar.

According to the two news reports I could scavenge up, Janiecia and Curtia pull up in front of the car full of the other girls and opened fire. Tonya Oliver was sitting in the passenger seat. She was shot in the head and although she survived, she was never the same and eventually died years later.

Bobby McMillan, who was in the car with Janiecia and Curtia Reed and was dating Reed, testified that Reed stopped her car in front of the parked car in which Oliver was in the front passenger seat. He said Reed and Briggs began firing through the side windows of Reed's car into the windshield of the other car.

They were arrested 3 days later. Janiecia received 45 years in prison. Mrs. Oliver died while she was serving her time or she would have been charged with life.

Her letter was very sad. She does have remorse but she has a very different story than what I could find online. I wrote her back and asked her a few questions that I hope she answers.

Make sure to watch the video to see how she explains her crimes.
Curtia Reed today

Janiecia today

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  1. that woman is lieing. and not a good liar at that. why would the male friend, who was in the car with these 2 women lie. don't know why she's tring to get sympathy now. they deserve everything they got. that lady had 3 kids. she died.


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