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Mean Nadine Smith - The Helicopter Mom

Let’s take a break from the current bad girls we usually cover and instead discuss an older case, that of the previously executed Mean Nadine, a nickname Lois Nadine Smith picked up in high school. Hm.

 I believe Lois was one of those Helicopter Moms, if I had to guess. She was wildly protective of her son, James Gregory Smith, 18 years old. An ex-girlfriend of his, Cindy Bailee, had been giving him some trouble.

Lois and Greg, as her son was known, had heard through the grapevine that Cindy was planning on narcing Greg out to the cops for some drug deals she knew about. They also thought she was trying to have Greg killed and had been asking around for a hitman.

So, the two of them garnered the help of another woman and set out to kill Cindy on the 4th of July 1982. I don’t now how they talked her into it, but they picked her up at a hotel in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. Once they had her in the car, they started questioning her about the rumors. She denied them all, but Lois stabbed her in the throat.

They took her to the home of Nadine’s ex-husband where they tortured her for hours. Nadine taunted the bleeding woman and shot her several times in her extremities. Greg reloaded her gun when she ran out of bullets. Finally, Lois killed her. Autopsy results showed nine bullets in her.

There is surprisingly little online about how this investigation went down. Greg was only 18 but he got a life sentence and was released in 2009. Strange but true. Lois got the death penalty and was executed in 2001.

Greg got in a fight in 2013 and stabbed the dude. I don’t know what kind of time, if any, he got out of that.

I was surprised to realize while researching this today that I have had contact with the last seven women executed in the United States. I have spoken to, met with, or exchanged letters with Aileen Wuornos, Frances Newton, Teresa Lewis, Kim McCarthy, Sue Basso, Lisa Coleman, and Kelly Gissendaner.  What a strange thought.


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