Jessica Lynn Morris Stabbed her Dealer to Death

Jessica and her fiance Raymond Donald Blanchong II decided they wanted to murder together. Like Bonnie and Clyde or maybe Mickey and Mallory, the couple didn't really have a blood lust, but more like a deadly dedication to their addiction. They were both fully prepared to go through whatever hell presented itself together to get their drugs. Whatever that hell was was irrelevant. Just as long as they got their drugs.

With this mindest and little else, Jessica and Ray set out to meet up with their drug dealer on December 2nd, 2018 in Riga Township, Ohio. They had no money but intended to score in whatever way necessary.

Upon meeting, the defendants brutally assaulted James Wappner, according to court testimony. He still was alive after the assault but was locked in the defendants’ car. Security camera footage captured the victim entering the defendant's pickup, shortly before the vehicle began to shake violently and abruptly leave the parking lot with him still inside.

Wappner’s body was found two days later off Lipp Hwy., about a half- mile from Yankee Rd., in Riga Township. The body was lying face down in a field about 50 feet from the roadway. A passerby noticed something odd off Lipp and called authorities.

He was found with a neck wound across the throat that appeared to be from a sharp object. Reports said he had been stabbed more than 20 times.

“My brother, regardless of the lifestyle he lived, he accepted that lifestyle and what comes along with it,” said Corvez Braswell who spoke during sentencing. “That’s my only regret.”

Morris and Blanchong were arrested Dec. 21 in Aurora, Colo. Evidence reportedly was collected in Colorado that linked the couple to the crime. Although both people were involved, Morris claimed Blanchong threatened her to participate in the stabbing.

Jessica Lynn Morris, 30, was found guilty by a Monroe County jury of first-degree murder, armed robbery and unlawful imprisonment in connection with the death of James Martin Wappner, 45, of Toledo.

The Maumee resident was sentenced to life in prison without parole, a penalty determined by state statute. Blanchong also was found guilty of first- degree murder Oct. 16. He’s scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 12, when he’s expected to be given life in prison without parole. He is being represented by defense attorney Rebecca Hicks of Monroe.

Morris was remanded to the Michigan Department of Corrections.

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