Melissa Galey Murdered Her Own Mom and Daughter

Where to begin with Melissa's twisted tale? It's hard to say. She has pleaded guilty to two counts of capital murder for the Nov. 21, 2018, deaths of her mother, Wanda Self, and her daughter, Megan Galey, at their residence at 2208 Lakeshore Drive in Hot Springs, Arkansas. If this case had gone to trial, prosecutors planned to seek the death penalty. Since it did not,  Galey was sentenced to life in prison on each count, to run concurrently.  Also, the victim's family members were not willing to go through the process of a death penalty trial.

On Nov. 21, 2018, police arrived at the Lakeshore Drive residence and saw Galey's daughter in the doorway of the home, "nude and covered in blood," with stab and puncture wounds. There were char marks in the area as if it had been set on fire and a tack hammer and claw hammer were found. Officers found Wanda Self inside a rear bedroom on her back covered in blood with multiple stabs and puncture wounds. A knife was on a nightstand nearby.

Galey was found hiding in the back of a crawl space located underneath the house. She was also covered in blood and there were char marks in the area indicating a fire had been set. When questioned later by detectives, Galey admitted to killing Wand Self, 71, with a knife and killing her daughter Megan, 8, with a knife and hitting her with a hammer. She reported she had planned to kill both victims "for over a week." She denied having any plans to kill her older daughter.

When questioned about her statement, Galey claimed cops must have misunderstood her and said, "I didn't anticipate it." When questioned further about whether she had time to "think about it while you were doing it," Galey admitted she did.

On Nov. 29, eight days after the killings, Galey's older daughter had visited her in jail and their conversation was recorded. During the visit, Galey admitted to killing both victims and spoke about "getting mad" at Wanda Self because "she was taking stuff" and that Galey was "mad at the world."

DNA from the blood found on both hammers matched Galey's daughter and the blood on the knife "came back as a DNA mixture indicating the presence of two or more individuals," meaning Galey's mother and daughter. The major female DNA component from blood found on Galey's left hand matched Self. An autopsy listed Self's cause of death was multiple stab wounds, which were found on her face, head, neck, chest and upper extremities. She also had contusions to her right forehead, left forearm and a laceration on the bridge of her nose.

Megan Galey's cause of death was found to be from multiple stab wounds and "blunt head trauma," including five lacerations on the back of her head and one on her front left scalp. She had "deep penetration stab wounds to her head, neck, chest and upper extremities," with internal injuries to her heart, lungs and right carotid artery.

The family didn't want her to die but they don't care to see her ever again either. There has been no one to come forward and say why she had to kill her mother, much less her 8-year-old daughter.

The doctors have found her to be sane and capable of trial and yet how can that be? How does a sane person kill their own flesh and blood for no reason? Id very much like to hear from the remaining daughter. Some news reports I found say that in weeks before the murders Melissa had been saying Santa was her baby daddy and aliens were poised for world domination in the near future.

Something is sounding off about this case to me.


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