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Paris Stabbed Her BF to Death

Paris Kimbrough was convicted of capital murder in September 2019 for stabbing Nicklos Dean to death. The confrontation occurred at Dean's porch at his home in Huntsville in 2016. The state argued that Paris Kimbrough committed burglary and intentionally killed Dean. Her attorney said she stabbed him in self-defense. The prosecution was able to obtain a lot of information about what occurred the night of the stabbing - something that normally doesn't happen when someone is arguing self-defense. Usually, when the defense is self-defense we don't get a good rendition of the facts. There is a version that they're going to tell the police and there is a version that really happened. The prosecution built its case from Kimbrough's recorded jail phone calls where she describes exactly how she committed the crime, going over to his house, banging on his door, stabbing him, coming back out, and then watching him lay there and bleed to death. Kimbrough talked about

Corrie Denise Arriaga Tortured a Woman to Death for a Decade

A 44-year-old Seaside woman, Corrie Denise Arriaga, was sentenced Friday 12/13/19  to a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the first-degree murder of a dependent adult in 2017. The guilty plea by Arriaga included an admission that the murder was "intentional and involved the infliction of torture," according to the District Attorney's Office, a special circumstance that factored into the sentence. The victim, 33-year-old Courtney Ann Turney, moved to Monterey County from Oklahoma in 2008. Turney attended special education classes due to complications during her birth. Investigators found that Arriaga physically abused and imprisoned Turney in their apartment, starved her and made her perform physical labor. Arriaga also embezzled large amounts of money that Turney received from the Comanche Nation. Evidence introduced at the trial showed that Turney was held in Arriaga's apartment up until her death on Aug. 4, 2017. Turney's body was disco

Kathy Coy Stole a Child From Mother's Womb

This isn't a new crime, at least for women, but it is still shocking every time I hear it. Kathy Michelle Coy, of Morgantown, Kentucky, cut her friend, 21-year-old Jamie Stice's baby out of her, killing her in the process, in 2012. She very easily could have gotten the death penalty, but she took a plea and received life without parole. Before we continue, I'd like to thank our newest Patron , Colleen. I hope you enjoy the exclusive content you find there as well as your true crime gift bag that will go out at the end of the month. A short reminder to the rest of our true crime aficionados; the true crime package will only be going out at the $7.50 level until the end of December 2019. Act fast to receive one of the three remaining pieces of Charles Manson's hair, actual inmate letters, Green River Killer artifacts, and many other unique items representing this countries crime history. Each bag has randomly chosen pieces. The baby boy Kathy extracted, named Isaiah,

Life Sentence for Woman Who Made 13YO Boy Touch Her Breast

The video contains the sentencing hearing of a woman in a remote area of the U.S. where she was convicted of forcing a thirteen-year-old adolescent to touch her brassiere covered breast. She receives a life sentence. Her appeal has been officially and promptly denied/rejected by the Nevada Supreme Court. The YouTube channel this video comes from claims the town is in a rural southern state where the corrupt law persecutes the townspeople. It sounds like a movie, right? The content creator claims to have been wrongly convicted and therefore hesitant to spill more detail. What do you think? Is this real? If so. a life sentence? Some murderers are given less.

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