Paris Stabbed Her BF to Death

Paris Kimbrough was convicted of capital murder in September 2019 for stabbing Nicklos Dean to death.

The confrontation occurred at Dean's porch at his home in Huntsville in 2016. The state argued that Paris Kimbrough committed burglary and intentionally killed Dean. Her attorney said she stabbed him in self-defense.

The prosecution was able to obtain a lot of information about what occurred the night of the stabbing - something that normally doesn't happen when someone is arguing self-defense. Usually, when the defense is self-defense we don't get a good rendition of the facts. There is a version that they're going to tell the police and there is a version that really happened.

The prosecution built its case from Kimbrough's recorded jail phone calls where she describes exactly how she committed the crime, going over to his house, banging on his door, stabbing him, coming back out, and then watching him lay there and bleed to death.

Kimbrough talked about coming to the home for a variety of reasons. In a couple of the calls, she says she went over there because she was angry that she heard he was getting with somebody else. A couple of the calls she says she was there to get a child. They had a child in common. A couple of calls she said she was feeling homicidal when she went over there."

Kimbrough's attorney painted a different picture.

The jury had a lot to deliberate. They were deciding whether the state proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Kimbrough committed capital murder. She was convicted.

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